Dennis is in Thailand!

But Wait (July 19th), as we say in late night Tee-Vee, There's More!

Dennis is in Katmandu!

But Wait!
He's back in Thailand! (8/5)
Here's the really-really most recent thoughts:
I'm back from Kathmandu and am going back to Pai (in northern Thailand).
I bought a ticket for Laos-leaving in 2 weeks and than spending a month there. I am thinking of going back to Mexico in October.
That's all the news stuff from Monsuier Dennis, now back to the older things...

...portions of a recent communication...
"Took a wrong turn wanted to go to tinmandu but this will do. Beautiful city-good food and they make the best Apple Pie.
I'm still palming for gold. Not to many places or money left to keep this up. In the mean time I'm seeing some incredible things that my mind hasn't caught up with.
They have a great radio station here -no commericals and have good coffee to go with it-so I'm set.
Giants are one player away from beating those Dodgers

Breaking news... June 4th, Photo from Dennis in Pai, Thailand. He's also recently been to Myanmar (Burma) and Calcutta, India...

He found an inexpensive ticket to another beach, bicycle and good conversation with people who couldn't understand him and vice-versa.
the only way he'd leave Baja...

Pai, Thailand has been the recent spot.
But Wait! (as in late night Tee-Vee sales pitches) There's More!
He's back from Mynamar... Been there twice since I up-dated the darn page...
He also went to (and back... didn't really care for it) Calcutta, India, looking for his way in Palm reading. Dennis has been told he has the gift. No one who knows Dennis would ever doubt someone told him he had , "the gift". He'd been reading palms at The Roadhouse in Bodega. A logical extension of his Tarot, head-bump and astrology readings. I think he feels if you concentrate and focus on someone, they feel better. You touch someone and they feel better.
Good for you Dennis. Good work.

News from Dennis... 6/4/00
I wake up at 6:oo go to a bakery than to the market where this old man with a coffee and tea cart makes me a cup for 7 baht (15 cents) its folgers but strong-
I sit and watch people -get some sticky rice and than go on a bike ride before it gets to hot and humid- I will be here for another 2 weeks and than I'm off looking for Palms.It's pretty slow here-its off season not many tourist and the rains are here so the nightly entertainment is watching the lighting storms.

Here's part of a letter I got on the first day of the Millenium ( one year or another, who cares... don't be so precise, okay?)
"It's hard to write of this place for it has natural beauty but it's the people and the complete lack of stress that over whelms you (or underwhelms you) The dogs are so mellow I haven't been barked at or chased in 6 weeks. The food is healthy and the prices are a fourth of Mexico's. I feel so at home here it's so much like Occidental was 25 years ago. I have my coffee spot, a great bike , shelter and have met a few interesting people... one can't ask for more. But no matter where I go Occidental has to be the most beautiful."

On January 6th, he's going to Myanmar...
well, in New Hampshire the signs still say Burma!
What is it,
We all crave,
Coffee, Herald Trib. and...
Burma Shave!

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So far this y2k, it's still W2e ... (way too easy...)

No problem.

Here is stuff from a year and a half ago... Dennis packing-up and enjoying Baja.

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