Welcomes The Millenial Year, "Ought-Naught"!
Bring on "The Otter" decade...
This nom d'cade works whether you wish to envision ten years of fuzzy water-dwelling mammals, or a Stern-Faced Rural Calvinistic Ethical Committee... ya otter do this, ya otter do that...
Or perhaps the "Uh-Oh" Decade...
This, the most universal acknowledgement of something gone wrong... or eminent disaster.
Whatever... let's get on with it.

Death Rock, Duncan's Landing, south end of Wright's Beach, Sonoma County Coast, named by the Coastal Pomo.
We have a coast that can kill with powerful beauty. Go over the first hills and find redwood groves, circles of fairy rings echoing a haunting of eons past. Then head up estuaries, rivers, creeks and valleys into rugged shouldered hills to mountains.
Freestone's part of all of this, smelling the Pacific Ocean's fog, on Salmon Creek, in a sweet valley hugged by Redwoods. We're smack dab in the middle of wonder.
No littering.

David Rea, X7

Here's some descriptive-type words from David's new C-D release, "X7"... his seventh release.
"... David's live performances show how his style has ripened and been distilled to the essence of his training in classical music, country, folk and blues. Today, his performances run the gamut from Celtic fingerstyle instrumentals and old-time bluegrass, through cowboy ballads, to deep Delta and syncopated Piedmont blues. A master storyteller, David captivates audiences with tales of the French River in Canada, legends of western heroes and villains, and commentaries on current events„all laced with humor and poignancy, creating an appeal that cuts across ages and musical boundaries."
Yeah... all that and more. He's a dear friend... treat yourself to some good tunes, sage words and hot fret-jockey pickin'.
Read more about David at these two sites:
David Rea's Chief Seattle.Arts site -Order the C-D here!
Freestone's un-Oh-Fish-All:David Rea Appreciation Society site
Say-Hey, Eunice Lousiana is in the news...
Yeah, a Petrochemical choo-choo blew up going through town. You don wanna make a Cajun mad, foul their catfish creek... Ahhh-eeee

Here's a story about a good and fine Family-style (sure, just like Occidental...) Gumbo in the Eunice bayou, five or four so miles from the Mark's downtown Eunice accordian factorystore with The Cormier's, Thibideaux and Savoys...
Hop in the back of the truck, an' here we go...
Eunice wasn't hurt by Hurricane Katrina (If I were born a girl, my name would have been Katrina) They are out in the bayou too far.
And no self respecting Hurricane would dare come up against M. Courmier in the woods or swamps.
The Most Newsletter and Ramon Sender Barayon, send us Summer greetings and links to Lou Gottlieb, Morningstar and Wheeler's Ranch Points of Interest...
Kodak Memory moments.
This issue features words and photo offernings to a very dear, sweet and insipring woman, Vivian Gotters. Always with the welcoming, peaceful contenence... Resting lightly.
A few links from The Most Newsletter:
Intentional Communities Web Site
The Morningstar Homepage by Friartuck RIP 9/21/99
David Hatch @ Wheelers VM*
Friar Tuck By David Hatch
O.B. Ray, the Sage of Wheeler's Bishop Saltzman
Free-Fall Chronicles By Peter Coyote
Panel OKs native architecture in code
{Coastal Miwok Huts now suitable for Sonoma County PRMD?
Thanks to Ramon Sender Barayon}

The Maui News
July 20, 2000
WAILUKU -- A bill that would provide official recognition to traditional Hawaiian architecture was passed Wednesday by a Maui County Council committee.

The bill, authored by Council Member J. Kalani English, would create a new section on ``indigenous architecture'' in the Maui County Building Code. The legislation was recommended for approval by Public Works and Water Committee and will be heard on first reading by the full council on Aug. 4.

``Hawaiian structures are sturdy and safe, and are deserving of official legal status,'' English said. ``Providing legal recognition for indigenous architecture obviously helps to perpetuate our island culture.''

The bill also would amend the Building Code's existing section on ``alternate methods'' by recognizing the validity of designs ``based on or inspired by principles of indigenous architecture, such as those associated with dwellings comprised of either rock walls or wood frames for the bottom portion and thatch of different native grasses for the roof.''

According to the bill, ``The council finds that architecture is one of the most important means of cultural expression for all peoples.'' The bill aims to ``encourage the preservation of existing residences that exhibit the principles of indigenous architecture, while also encouraging the development of new structures that incorporate indigenous architecture.''

The Golf War... Pastel uber alles...
The Golf War documentary tells the story of Filipino peasants being violently and illegally kicked off their ancestral land to make way for one of Asia's largest golf resorts.
The producer, narrator, brave soul, Jen Shradie brought this fine film to New College... Head here for the fascinating story of Farmers vs. Develoment in a life and death struggle for their ancestral homeland, threatened by Big Money,The President, local officials and bad leisure activity clothing choices.
Head here...
Salmon Creek Watershed Council

Third Tuesday, 7:00 pm at Pastorale building in Freestone.
Head here to visit a web-site:
Quail Hill, Freestone (from left to right)
Old Sequoia Dairy Ranch, now Phelps Vineyard.
Quail Hill, more... More, more, more. As you'd look north up Bohemian Highway, the rolling Golden HIlls of California will be a bright green Hessian straight-rowed, metal trussed grape juice factories.

On Tuesday, the 29th, Petaluma voted to form sub-committee to meet with supes and arrange Agency-wide Water Contractor Forum over conservation, development and expansion issues... see below for more background.
Petaluma faces off with The Sonoma County Water Agerncy over expansion contracts. (From thge 8/28 Press-Democrat. Head here for the full story on their site- )
Council members maintain that Randy Poole, the Sonoma County Water Agency general manager, is relentlessly pursuing a growth-oriented plan, expanding the water system that serves 500,000 customers in Sonoma and Marin counties rather than pursuing conservation efforts or reallocating existing resources.
Council members say the Water Agency's eight contractors should discuss environmental issues, including gravel mining and continued diversion of Eel River water to the Russian River, before accepting the agreement crafted by Poole.
"It is not his agency," Councilman David Keller said, describing Poole as "a bureaucrat apparently running amok."

More from earlier reports..
Amazing threats to Petaluma over bigger pipeline to Marin, from Sonoma County Water Agency Head Bully, Randy Poole!
The Press Democrat's Tobias Young writes an excellent article concerning Randy Poole's boarish attempts to bully Petaluma's City Council...(for more community news, visit the P-D site at
"...Poole upped the ante, saying the side agreement to protect Petaluma's storage from shortfall is at risk if the city balks at Amendment 11 because Marin County would not be obligated to use its own reservoirs instead of Petaluma's during peak times, Poole said.
"You folks in the Petaluma aqueduct are in trouble," Poole said. "You have given away your surplus capacity to north Marin."
Head here for Tobias Young's story...

David Keller's (Petaluma City Council) remarks about the issue:
"... why MMWD wants to almost double their flows through the Petaluma Aqueduct or why it needs a 2nd pipeline, particularly given the dubiousness of the claim that the water was being used for added releases to Lagunitas Creek.
Why didn't the SCWA inform us that Sonoma County Planning Commission Refused to find that the proposed projects were consistent with the Sonoma County General Plan?
Why didn't SCWA tell us? And what are the answers? I don't like being treated like mushrooms.
In addition the expression of Mr. Poole's "Take it or leave it" position, makes it even more difficult to know how or when these issues would see the light of day in forums that would have authority and timely consequences.>
Here are David Keller's comments, member of The Petaluma City Council

California State Fish & Game Ordered to Facilitate Logging Staff Cite "Micro-management" by Governor's Office

Sacramento...The Gray Davis administration has deliberately obstructed the California Department of Fish and Game's (DFG) efforts to protect fish and wildlife from the impacts of timber harvests and has failed to promote needed reforms, according to a report released today by California Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (California PEER). The report states that Davis' staff has ordered Fish and Game biologists to "back off" from their attempts to get industry to mitigate wildlife concerns. Biologists further contend that the state's forestry policies fail dismally at protecting California's wildlife resources.
Head here for the full report

Capital Punishment is just plain wrong.
It 's happening in Texas so often... Tennessee, Florida, California. Capital punishment, revenge, grief, whatever. It's sure not deterence. It's just not right.
Another coming up too soon.
It's just not right to take a life, be it a bad guy or the powers that be.
Not in my name.
2161 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140
phone: (617) 868-0007 fax: (617) 354-2832

Okay. It's a nice foggy morning, the sun will come out later, I want to lighten up a little...
So go to The Freestone Quiz!

Use the map of the good ol' U.S. of A to answer the geographically based question "Whotz New?"
The big Prize is the entrance to Freestone's Build-it-Yourself Poetry Page!
Also links and sideline info about Beats in our midst as well as past.
Be there or be square.
If I don't see you there in the future, I'll see you in the pasture.

"We report, you decide... " Right... Fox news taken to court for slanting news reports.
An amazing story of two reporters who got fired trying to report about genetic engineering gone bad, and how Fox tried to cover-up...
Head here for info on the case and the on-going trial.

Another Good News Break!
The Board of Supes votes the deal clinching money for The Van Alstyne Old Trees!

31. Acquisition of a conservation easement with LandPaths for the acquisition over the Van Alystyne property for a total price of ($1,250,000);
This property consists of 28 acres on a ridge west of Occidental on Fitzpatrick Lane. Land uses in the area include the District's Myers Ranch Conservation Easement, the Finley Creek and Enchanted Wood Conservation Easements held by Sonoma Land Trust, and resource and rural residential properties. There are gentle moderate slopes, 1080 to 1160 feet. There are great views of Tomales Bay and the Pacific.There are old growth redwood stands some of them over a thousand years old. A timber harvest plan is pending.

Okay... Say this quickly for as many times as it takes to sound absurd...
"Toy Gun, Toy Gun, Toy Gun..."
Darn if the timing wasn't as amazing as the incidents tragic.

The United States Civil Rights Commission finally released their report from the Sonoma County Hearings held so long ago... They said and reccommended everything expected... better training, an Independent Civilian Review Board with Supoena power, etc... And the local powers that be did likewise. No, nope... what, me worry?
And then three more Police involved shootings, deaths, in two weeks. The Merry-go-round of law enforcement investigating agencies fired up.
"I'll investigate this one for you, and you investigate that one for them and they'll check into the third for... awwh... I can never remember who I'm doing this one or that one for..."
Why the hell are the people of Sonoma County expected to believe these very similar agencies, staffed by live, real, breathing people who can't be expected to ignore a friend or colleague's very frightening and difficult circumstances, even if the killing was a terrible mistake.
Shoot, two of these Deaths may well have been Suicide by Police...
What a miserable thing to have to face. The really sad part of the most recent death was the even-keeled store owner who was robbed, and called in the event told the 911 Operator the Suspect probably had a Toy Gun. The Dispatcher told the responding officers, the officers shot the guy after he wouldn't drop the Toy-Gun.
Nobody say it's easy being a cop.
At least that's the talk around the Coffee-Shops I frequent. Nobody would do that.
But... We need them and expect them to be better than most. The important part is they're human and an Independent Civilian Review Board is needed... with supoena power, with the guts to make the tough call. As tough a call as when a cop has to do the right thing, in the very desperate circumstances and take a life to protect others.

Get a Grip on Grapes!
Getting to be an oft told tale...

There's a real difference in agricultural intensity between 200 acres of 50 grazing replacement calves (below me) and 200 acres farmed with habitat fragmentation fences, fully irrigated by deep draw wells, chemical applications to beat the band and a viewshed change similar as though going from a fella in a piroux to The Starship Enterprise with the crew turned out in dress whites. Hows about we notice the difference.

Before we go into some other important stuff...
Have you been noticing the ditches alongside the roads around Freestone?
They're being scrubbed by a bunch of real nice folks with their tires and wheels... darn nice.
Here's a story that barely mentions a politician more'n once about cleaning the brush from the winter water ditches around here... Life's a Ditch...!

Before we dig into important matters... music soothes, etc...
Audio Files for Audiophiles...
107-oink-five! That's KPIG-FM!
Who out there remembers Austin's KOKE-FM... That's right! Goat Ropin' Radio!
And then who could forget KFAT-FM... Fat Frys, etc...
... and in Sonoma County Ed LaFrance and KVRE-FM...
Well, they're dead and gone (well, Ed's not dead...) so head to and get a little closer to the good tunes that could accompany a look around

Freestone Welcomes Julia Butterfly Hill back to Terra Firma!
What an inspiring woman... Her talk with The Town Hall Coalition was as straightforward and dear a moment as most anyone in the hall had felt...
She's safe. She endured the human and natural forces that would have had her shaken from her 180 foot Redwood, Luna. But it was the natural forces, both human and natural surrounding her spirit that kept her free-flying message alive.
Her support team was a true and wonderful group to work with...
She'll be swept up in a different swirl now...
Thanks Julia... Thanks Luna

Head here to click and give your donation of 3 cups of staple food to a hungry person... Make this the opening page on your browser!

"I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, and let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."
-- Cicero 64 ad. and more recently, Barry Goldwater 1964
Okay all you goofus' upset about Seattle... The minority anarchists responded to the police violence. The WTO was at least brought to the world's attention. Vive la Tea Party! Vive La Revolucion. As Julia Butterfly called WTO in Seattle, "The World Transformation Opportunity"!!! Dennis is in Thailand!
The prices are one fourth what he's been paying in Baja, that's why!
So head here for a brief word and then he's going to Burma (following Burma Shave signs...) ...
Well he went there, and India (Calcutta) and now (Sept.) Dennis is in Laos... Visit his site to see him in Thailand.
Her chariot
Raced at 80 per
They hauled away
What had
Ben Her

Head here for more Burma Shave-i-ology...

Holy Toledo! is selling stuff and taking your money on-line!

The Town Hall Coalition has been meeting with Groundwater specialists and the county to play a role in the work plan to start a Sonoma County Groundwater Study, potential County review of a development's new wells and a change in the General lan to prevent new wells from degrading existing water wells. Stay tuned! Head here for the almost the whole darn thing in RealPlayer audio on The Press- Democrat's Web-site! The Guests have individual files as well as the Question & Answer section.

The Bodega Land Trust (head here for their fine site) has an opportunity to dig in and help Salmon Creek and the feeders, like Fay Creek.
For all The Bodega Land Trust events, call Sandy at 876-3422 or write:

While we're at it, visit Landpaths' excellent web-site! Another fine Sonoma County land use and preservation group. The people of Sonoma County have a right to keep heritage views. Development must not alter the visual quality of life. Down this page I wrote about and have links to a story about the vinyardization of Sonoma County... Fenced-in metal-trussed grape vines marching in a rigid goose-step to the drum beat of new money.

Hey! Take a look at The Ocean Song site. (follow the navigation above!) The Land was sold by EcoCorps to Andrew Beath in a programming parnership with The Ocean Song Board. There's new things going on AND a chance spring and summer programs will be announced soon.
WE DID IT! Thanks to Andrew and the hard work of The Ocean Song Board and friends!

Hey again... Another Grammy Nomination! All Right Jack! Ramblin' Jack Elliot (Here's his Freestone Page with info...) just got back from The White House! Yep... They gave him a big old medal for being such a fine fella and keeping good songs from being lost. The night he heard about the award, he played The Blue Heron in Duncans Mills. He figured he most likely wouldn't play "I Heard They Shot President Garfield Today." and he then went on to sing a couple verses of that snappy and underheard tune.

He was hoping to jam with Fats Domino and The Prez on Sax...ESS-EHH-EX!

Megan's Law has flushed a parolee into suicide. The Santa Rosa Chief of Police says the "Wanted Flyer", or active neighborhood notification, had nothing to do with a man who had served his time, and almost successfully completed parole, killing himself... And people wonder why so many have trouble believing Law Enforcement Officials...
Here's a commentary on the combination of two crimes that ended tragically...

And if The Press-Demo (gogue) crat hasn't done enough on this issue... They put a Wanted Poster (essentially) ON THE FRONT PAGE! Here's a take on that and the surprisingly quiet sound from the local ACLU.

An execution took place in San Quentin July 14th, 1998. The was a great deal of doubt about the guilt of Tom Thompson. Here's a moving story about the people behind Death's Door. You won't forget this.

Just before you read the next paragraph...
Dennis took off again... 'Course it's now quarter to Wintertime and getting colder... So he bought a ticket to a Palm Tree... Baja.
Follow this link and get a look at his Bodega Roadhouse Coffee Joint (The Roadhouse) goodbye from Wes and Everett. Don't miss exciting scenes of him packing, including a battery charger into his bowling-ball bag, on the sidewalk. Adios to Freestone's next best thing to Senor Wences...

There's a Town of Mystery and Magic south of us...
Try a visit to Darwin! They have a 4th of July Parade that has no equal! It's been suggested we apply for sister city status between Darwin & Freestone... Truly, "Hands across The Tehachapi's"!

"Leave your blood in the blood-bank, not on the highway.
See you next week. Ten-Four!"
...Broderick Crawford

"Take it easy... But take it!"
...Studs Terkel

Jake here has got The Town of Bodega behind him, But he's got other dreams on his mind (If you go see what he's thinkin', (and it takes forever to load) make sure you hit "back" on your browser to come home to Freestone!) Is Evolving Like a Rock. If you really want all the words to be spelled right, go read a dictionary... I've got my hands full as it is...

I think I saw you just go by....