Berkeley, October 14, 1999

Announcing the Listeners' Fund

The Coalition for a democratic Pacifica (CdP), North Bay for KPFA (NBforKPFA), and the Friends of Free Speech Radio (FFSR), in support of the staff at KPFA, have created the Listeners' Fund. Some listeners who believe in the mission of Pacifica and wish to contribute to KPFA feel strongly that they cannot give directly to the current Pacifica Board of Directors which controls direct contributions.

The CdP, NBforKPFA, and FFSR have therefore created an alternative funding source. The proceeds of the Listeners' Fund will be designated to support normal local station operations.

Contributions to the Fund will be administered by a Board operating under the auspices of a non-profit organization. The Board nominated by our organizations includes Tomas Moran and Maudelle Shirek, both of whom have agreed to serve. We encourage you to support KPFA in whatever way your heart tells you.

If you believe that contributing through the marathon remains an effective way to fund the station at this time, you are encouraged to support the marathon.

This Fund is one way for listeners to assure their contributions are used for the normal station operation expenses, and not for consultants, armed guards, remote ISDN lines or Public Relations firms.

Endorsed by Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica, North Bay for KPFA, and Friends of Free Speech Radio.

Make checks payable to: The Listeners' Fund/ CSRA. Mail to: Community Supported Radio Association, PMB #115, 2887 College Avenue, #1, Berkeley, CA 94705.

Donations are not yet tax deductible. An account of fund activity will be publicly available.

0% (no percent) of contributions will be used for Fund administration or other expenses. For further info call 510-496-6000 x 121 or visit:

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