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1) From Media Alliance to Houston! HIGH PRIORITY!
2a) Filing The Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board lawsuit: THIS IS AN URGENT FUNDRAISING LETTER
2b) The Pacifica Foundation Articles of Incorporation
3) Announcing the Listeners' Fund - Consolidated Alternative Account: URGENT!
4a) Save Mumia Rally Tonight and on Saturday: URGENT! URGENT!
4b) Some Background on Mumia's Case Forwarded from Bill Mandel


Still we can't forget the old saying that the truth shall
set you free. I still believe that. I'd be a fool not to. Mumia Abu-Jamal

Then they came for me -
and there was no one left to speak out for me. Pastor Niemoeller


Four elements needed to build an effective movement: (1) shared vision, (2) clear goals, (3) good relationships, (4) free-flowing communication


1) From Media Alliance to Houston! HIGH PRIORITY!

Forwarded from Jeff Chan -- Media Affinity Group, Northbay for KPFA

Thinking of going to Houston at the end of October?

Media Alliance is trying to get local (Bay Area) people to travel to Houston for the October meeting of Pacifica National Board. They have obtained a group rate for air travel and lodging, plus are coordinating transportation with people from the KPFT (Houston station) support group.

Air fair is $280 round trip from San Francisco (on Continental Airlines) and lodging is $35/night (double occupancy) at the Houston Marriott. There are some grants available for those people who want to go but cannot afford to foot the entire cost.

If you are interested, call Belinda Griswold at Media Alliance, (415) 546-6334, ext. 313. Please hurry, as Belinda needs to submit traveler's names to Continental this week.

In solidarity and with respect,
Jeff Chan -- Media Affinity Group (or)

2a) Filing The Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board lawsuit: URGENT! URGENT!

- Please Print, Copy, and Distribute This Letter -


(If you have given all you can -- please pass this letter on to a friend or help start a litigation fundraising committee.) THE LISTENERS' LAWSUIT IS COMING SOON! Dear Pacifica Radio Listeners,

Thank you for your heart-swelling responses to the Committee's call for declarations in support of court action to remove the Pacifica Board. We have received over 2,100 declarations from across the country so far -- and more keep coming in bunches every day. As we open your envelopes and read your many notes of encouragement, we are deeply moved and inspired. Your words really do help.

It is clear that Pacifica radio listeners DO believe in the 50-year-old commitment to listener-sponsored community radio and in the purposes of The Pacifica Foundation. It is clear that Pacifica listener/sponsors DO NOT believe armed guards and padlocks on the KPFA station doors, arrests of staff and protesters, union busting, corporate/foundation program underwriting, or measuring "success" based on commercial Arbitron ratings, fulfill the purposes of Pacifica. It is clear that Pacifica radio listeners do not approve of censorship of Democracy Now and the Pacifica National News. We do not approve of the "gag rule" and firing station staff for breaking it to tell us what is going on. And we do not believe that "playing the race card" -- in a failed attempt to incite racial antagonisms in a divide and conquer strategy -- is acceptable conduct by the directors of The Pacifica Foundation. It is clear that Pacifica listener/sponsors believe the directors of The Pacifica Foundation have breached the trust placed in them and should be removed -- either voluntarily, by resignations, or involuntarily, by court order.

Our lawsuit on behalf of the listener/sponsors is in the final stages of preparation and will be filed very soon. We will ask the court to remove the board, appoint interim directors, order restitution of the $500,000 wrongfully spent on the KPFA shutdown and an accounting of Pacifica funds. We will also seek a court order that the Pacifica Foundation bylaws must be amended to provide membership status and voting rights to the listener/sponsors -- so that we will NEVER AGAIN be required to spend our hard-earned money on a lawsuit to remove the board, but will have the right and the power to VOTE unfaithful directors out of office.

Thanks to your generosity we have raised over $18,000 from 259 donors so far. Donations have ranged from $1 -- from someone who could not afford to send more -- to $5,000 -- from someone who said she could not afford to give less! We have spent about $5,000 to put notices in newspapers and magazines to successfully publicize our efforts and for legal research and consultation -- leaving over $13,000 for our litigation fund.

We need $25,000 to file our suit. The response to our initial e-mail appeal has been overwhelming -- and with a $10,000 matching fund put up by a pool of donors.-- WE ARE MORE THAN HALFWAY THERE. The matching fund donors have challenged us to raise the remaining $12,000 by the target date October 25th. So, please, figure out what level of donation you can make and do the best you can right away. (We don't want to mislead you. Additional funds will be needed if litigation is prolonged. People willing and able to help organize a fundraising committee, please contact Carol Spooner at the address and phone number below.)

In round numbers we need NOW:
2 - $6,000 donors or
4 - $3,000 donors or
8 - $1,500 donors or
16 - $750 donors or
32 - $375 donors or
60 - $200 donors or
120 - $100 donors or
160 - $75 donors or
240 - $50 donors or
480 - $25 donors or
1000 - $12 donors or
2000 - $6 donors

Please make checks payable to:
"Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board" Mail to: 1136 Wild Rose Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Your contributions are not tax deductible, but your support of the cause of free speech radio is invaluable. Thank you,

Carol Spooner, Committee Organizer
Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board

(Please send self-addressed stamped envelope for future updates on progress of lawsuit. Thank you.)


That the purposes of this corporation shall be:
(a) To establish a Foundation organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any member of the Foundation. [*3]
(b) To establish and operate for educational purposes, in such manner that the facilities involved shall be as nearly self- sustaining as possible, one or more radio broadcasting stations licensed by the Federal Communications Commission and subject in their operation to the regulatory actions of the Commission under the Communications Act of 1934, As Amended.
(c) In radio broadcasting operations to encourage and provide outlets for the creative skills and energies of the community; to conduct classes and workshops in the writing and producing of drama; to establish awards and scholarships for creative writing; to offer performance facilities to amateur instrumentalists, choral groups, orchestral groups and music students; and to promote and aid other creative activities which will serve the cultural welfare of the community.
(d) In radio broadcasting operations to engage in any activity that shall contribute to a lasting understanding between nations and between the individuals of all nations, races, creeds and colors; to gather and disseminate information on the causes of conflict between any and all of such groups; and through any and all means compatible with the purposes of this corporation to promote the study of political and economic problems and of the causes of religious, philosophical and racial antagonisms.
(e) In radio broadcasting operations to promote the full distribution of public information; to obtain access to sources of news not commonly brought together in the same medium; and to employ such varied sources in the public presentation of accurate, objective, comprehensive news on all matters vitally affecting the community.

[*1] Original Articles filed on August 24, 1946, last amendment filed with the Secretary of State on February 2, 1976. Certified copies of the Articles of Incorporation and subsequent Certificates of Amendment may be obtained directly from the Secretary of State of the State of California.
[*2] Article II was amended in whole on August 19, 1948.
[*3] Article II Subsection (a) was amended March 6, 1971, filed April 9, 1971, and corrected amendment filed May 5, 1971.

3) Announcing the Listeners' Fund - Consolidated Alternative Account

Berkeley, October 14, 1999

The Coalition for a democratic Pacifica (CdP), North Bay for KPFA (NBforKPFA), and the Friends of Free Speech Radio (FFSR), in support of the staff at KPFA, have created the Listeners' Fund. Some listeners who believe in the mission of Pacifica and wish to contribute to KPFA feel strongly that they cannot give directly to the current Pacifica Board of Directors which controls direct contributions.

The CdP, NBforKPFA, and FFSR have therefore created an alternative funding source. The proceeds of the Listeners' Fund will be designated to support normal local station operations.

Contributions to the Fund will be administered by a Board operating under the auspices of a non-profit organization. The Board nominated by our organizations includes Tomas Moran and Maudelle Shirek, both of whom have agreed to serve. We encourage you to support KPFA in whatever way your heart tells you.

If you believe that contributing through the marathon remains an effective way to fund the station at this time, you are encouraged to support the marathon.

This Fund is one way for listeners to assure their contributions are used for the normal station operation expenses, and not for consultants, armed guards, remote ISDN lines or Public Relations firms.

Endorsed by Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica, North Bay for KPFA, and Friends of Free Speech Radio.

Make checks payable to: The Listeners' Fund/ CSRA. Mail to:
Community Supported Radio Association, PMB #115, 2887 College Avenue, #1, Berkeley, CA 94705.

Donations are not yet tax deductible. An account of fund activity will be publicly available.

0% (no percent) of contributions will be used for Fund administration or other expenses. For further info call 510-496-6000 x 121 or visit:

Public PGP Block:

4a) Save Mumia Rally Tonight and on Saturday Forwarded from freepacifica list:
Re: URGENT PROTEST MUMIA Death Warrant Signed


On Saturday at 12:00 noon, at Powell and Market protest again.

To fax protest to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge: 717-772-1198
To phone protest to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge: 717-787-2500

4b) Some Background on Mumia's Case Forwarded from Bill Mandel Subject:

Thu, 14 Oct 1999 11:23:48 -0700

William Mandel <>

A recipient of my post on Mumia, whose Email address indicates that s/he is an attorney, has not seen any legal evidence demonstrating Mumia's innocence, and believes it extremely unlikely that the entire media have unanimously entered into a conspiracy to suppress it. In 1952, when I was called before the McCarran Committee (U.S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee), ALL media in Washington, D.C., were present: AP, UP [now UPI], Time, Newsweek, N.Y.Times, Washington Post, the radio networks. They mobbed me with questions after the hearing and scribbled furiously. Not one word appeared in or over any one of them. (It was this, after a hearing in which my manner had been gentlemanly and scholarly, that caused me to turn to the sensationalism of my McCarthy hearing in 1953 and HUAC hearing in 1960, a tactic the media cannot resist.)

As to the facts in Mumia's case, here they are, as set forth in the pages of my autobiography, Saying No To Power, immediately preceding the paragraphs posted yesterday:
"With my background in such cases, going back to the Scottsboro frame-up in 1931, my personal involvement in the successful movement to save Angelo Herndon, and the tragically unsuccessful effort in Virginia to save the Martinsville Seven, I had not the slightest doubt that this was a combination of police racism and political repression. "Mumia had joined the Black Panthers as a teenager in the '60s. He had matured into a radio commentator endowed with a mellifluous voice and presence, of extraordinary intelligence and fearlessness. Photos showed an exceptionally handsome man with kindness writ large in his features and a gentleness that can only be described as Christ-like. I can think of no other public figure, here or abroad, whose appearance made that impression on me.

"He had devoted his efforts to exposing the pervasive racism and brutality of the Philadelphia police, unique in that the entire force had been condemned for corruption by federal action. His focus could hardly be expected to produce radio advertising income that would support his family, so he worked as a taxi driver at night. In that work it was quite normal to carry a gun for protection, for which he had a permit. In a fracas at night, a policeman was shot dead, and Mumia lay on the ground severely wounded.]

"He was convicted by a jury. The leading U.S. authority on race and the court system found that Blacks were 5.2 times as likely to be dismissed as prospective jurors in Philadelphia as whites. In Mumia's case, the figure was sixteen times -- higher than in any other instance. Eyewitnesses, fearful to come forward for years, finally did so and said that they had seen either one or two men fleeing from the scene. An internationally renowned ballistics expert found evidence that the alleged deadly bullet was intact, contrary to the testimony given in court. As such, it could not have been fired from Mumia's gun, which was of smaller caliber. A policeman in the same precinct as the one who was killed said that the latter was an extremely violent and racist officer.

"The police had claimed that they did not know who Mumia was at the time of his arrest for the killing. It turned out that the highest ranking officer on the scene had been the top officer at Mumia's high school a decade earlier when he led a fight to re-name it for Malcolm X. This same officer led the police action in 1978 including the dropping of a bomb from the air on the residence of the MOVE 'family,' a Black movement. This destroyed an entire block of homes by fire. That officer had not been called to testify in the trial because he was indicted for massive corruption and plead guilty in federal court.

"In response to the Pennsylvania court's appeal denial, five hundred people turned out the next day to protest in downtown San Francisco. There had been no time to get a parade permit, but both the mayor and the board of supervisors were on record against the execution, so the police did not interfere. Dennis Bernstein of KPFA put a mike in front of my face, and asked: 'Why are you in this illegal demonstration?' I said that, aside from all the other facts in the case, while there had been assassinations of Black leaders by police -- almost certainly with the involvement of federal agencies -- there had never been an instance of official execution of an African-American leader, a status that Mumia had achieved through his book and radio interviews from prison, and a documentary film about him.

"Our son Bob had been active in the campaign to prevent the execution and win a new trial. A week after that spontaneous parade, he and I were both among the speakers at another rally and march in the city, for which a permit had been obtained. He proposed a teach-in at Oakland's schools to familiarize students with the case, and later successfully organized it, winning sponsorship by the teachers' union. This was unprecedented and won attention in the national media, including a solid week of stores in the San Francisco Chronicle."

William M Mandel

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