KPFA News from Lyn Gerry 10/17/99 -

Dear Friends -

Last Saturday, KPFK's Chicano Radio broadcast an on-air debate on the crisis facing the station and Pacifica. This week, Producer John Martinez was told that his program would be pre-empted for the fund drive. Anyone who called the station asking to speak to him was told that he no longer worked there. No one has told John anything, but it looks like station management plans to get rid of him and Chicano Radio for airing last Saturday's debate.

Please call the station- all three numbers below to register your concerns Fund drive pledge line (818) 985-5735. Program Director Kathy Lo @ 1-800-985- 5735 Ext 202 Station Manager Mark Schubb @1-800-985-5735 Ext 203 Tell them you want:
the program back on the air a full airing of the issues that confront the station:
no harassment of programmers or people who criticize the station
Free speech, no gag rule

This type of debate has been officially encouraged by Pacifica's National Board. The Board resolved that each station broadcast programs that allow the audience to discuss the much publicized controversy over governance and programming at the five Pacifica stations.

So, what is KPFK afraid of? Pacifica was founded by pacifists on the principle that open dialog would resolve conflict. KPFK's mission statement directs it to explore the causes of religious, philosophical and racial antagonisms. But, differences within the station are not tolerated. Nearly a month ago, KPFK's Enfoque Latino was taken off the air for broadcasting a news segment on a protest held by critics of the station. The program was brought back several weeks ago thanks to community pressure. News reporter Robin Urevich was banned from the station's premises for writing an article in Random Lengths, a small San Pedro paper. She was given a 2 week suspension, and will be allowed to return to the station at the end of the month, thanks to lots of signatures and calls from listeners and community people.

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