Resolution in Support of KPFA Radio Station
California Faculty Association
Delegates¼ Assembly, October 18, 1999

Whereas: KPFA and Pacifica network affiliates reach the length and breadth of California; and,

Whereas: KPFA is the nation¼s first free speech, listener-supported media outlet, founded by World War II peace activist Lewis Hill in 1949; and,

Whereas: KPFA has been a national role model for progressive programming, and has provided and continues to provide an outlet for California State University faculty and student voices throughout the state on a wide range of community and education issues; and;

Whereas: KPFA¼s very existence is threatened by a distant board originally set up to hold the radio station license but whose recent actions indicate a desire to bankrupt the station and destroy the station¼s listener base in order to pursue a separate agenda, possibly including, but not limited to:
- selling the commercially valuable FM frequency,
- selling or leasing the transmitter and side bands,
- disposing of the listener-purchased building,
- ending KPFA¼s 50-year national grass roots activism leadership role; and;

Whereas: The activities of the National Board and its chairperson, Mary Frances Berry, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and Chair of the Civil Rights Commission, are the subjects of several lawsuits to redress board malfeasance and restore the station to normal operation; and,

Whereas: Legal actions alone do not guarantee responsible interim governance by the board, whose apparent agenda has only been made public and slowed by public outrage, ongoing demonstrations, and outpourings of public support from all over the world; therefore,

Be it resolved: That the California Faculty Association join its fellow academics, unions, and community members in endorsing KPFA¼s demands to the Pacifica National Board to replace irresponsible board members, return the station to fully-funded self-governance, refrain from using listener donations for expenses not directly related to programming and facilities maintenance, provide public disclosure of all board activities, and restructure Pacifica National Board to be a democratically-elected body.

Signed on behalf of California Faculty Association¼s 8,000 members, representing 20,000 California State University faculty in the nation¼s largest higher education local,

Susan Meisenhelder
President, California Faculty Association
Professor, English Department
California State University, San Bernardino

Jeff Lustig
Secretary, California Faculty Association
Professor, Political Science
California State University, Sacramento

Margo Kasdan
President, SFSU Chapter
Professor, Cinema Department
San Francisco State University

Laura Head
Professor, Black Studies Department
San Francisco State Universiy

Jose Cuellar
Director, Institute for Public Policy
Director, La Rasa Studies
Professor, La Raza Studies
San Francisco State University

Tim Sampson
Professor, School of Social Work
San Francisco State University

Carl Stempel
Professor, Sociology
California State University, Hayward

Gregg McVicar
Assoc. Professor, Digital Audio Production
California State University, Hayward
KPFA Programmer

Hamdi Bilici
Professor, Dept. of Finance, Real Estate, and Law
California State University, Long Beach

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