Here are two reports on the last KPFA LAB meeting that took place on November 19th.

The first report is from the savepacifica website. The second report is from our North Bay for KPFA members Jeff and Alice Chan. The Chans also represented North Bay for KPFA at the Pacifica National Board meeting in Houston.

Interesting is the disturbing difference between the "official" report on the LAB meeting from a website that we should be able to trust and the eye witness report from our representatives who not only attended the LAB meeting but were actually witnesses to the Pacifica board reinstatement of the "gag" rule. Jeff and Alice saw both Bramson and Moran vote with the rest of the board. So, here is the "official" savepacifica website report followed by the excellent report from the Chans:

"Productive KPFA LAB Meeting November 19, 1999: At the KPFA Local Advisory Board yesterday, members began discussing how to democratize their own body. A draft proposal was distributed and the audience voiced concerns and suggested improvements. This document will be available online soon for a wider community critique. Board chair Sherry Gendleman proposed that two or three regular weekly time slots be established at KPFA to keep the listening community updated on the ongoing struggle with Pacifica. The resolution was passed unanimously. New Pacifica Board member Tomas Moran urged the KPFA community to be proactive in establishing network guidelines for freespeech and diversity rather than waiting to react to Pacifica decrees. Details on all of these stories to follow shortly."

The KPFA LAB Meeting - A Different View

"For those who checked out the official report of the recent KPFA LAB meeting on the SavePacifica website, and were reassured by the headline ¤Productive KPFA LAB Meeting,Ë what follows is a very different take on the evening. The meeting was attended by Pete Bramson and Tomas Moran, both of the National Board, who were there to report on the National Board meeting held in Houston last month. Their main topic of discussion was the gag rule, which the Board passed unanimously.

(Lest there be any misunderstanding about what Bramson and Moran voted for, let╠s restate here what we personally heard in the National Board meeting. Mary Frances Berry opened by saying that the Dirty Laundry Rule would ¤apply at all stations without exception.Ë (a direct quote.) For each station which had ¤a monthly one hour of venting, that hour would be terminated.Ë After a short period of discussion, which included mention of individual Station Managers╠ discretion, the Board voted unanimously to pass this reiteration of the gag rule. Moran had just been seated, but he voted in line with the rest of the board.)

There were between 40 and 50 people in the audience at the KPFA LAB meeting on 11-18, and not one of them spoke up to defend the votes of Moran and Bramson. On the contrary, anger and frustration were the universal sentiments in the room. The official report on the SavePacifica website is that ¤Tomas Moran urged the KPFA community to be proactive in establishing network guidelines for free speech and diversity rather than waiting to react to Pacifica decrees.Ë In other words, he wants us to write our own gag rule. He also said that he ¤will do whatever it takes to make sure the Board leaves ╬us╠ alone.Ë This proves that Tomas Moran does not get it. This struggle is not about KPFA alone: it╠s about the entire Pacifica network. If there is a gag rule at any station, that gag rule can be applied again at KPFA. A gag rule at any station is a strike against our movement to take back the Pacifica Network and return it to the founding Pacifica principles. These guys sold us out in Houston, and they are not willing to take the steps to correct the error, or even to admit that they were wrong. When I urged Moran and Bramson, in this meeting, to go to the next National Board meeting prepared with a resolution to rescind the gag rule, neither of them would agree to do that. Moran╠s reply was ¤that would be one strategy,Ë but not his strategy.

We have to wake up to the fact that these guys are doing us more harm than good. While we have these supposed ¤supportersË on the Board, we can be lulled into thinking that at least there is someone there who is looking out for our interests. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bramson made the statement on Nov. 18th that he likes being on the Board, and he doesn╠t want to do things that would jeopardize his position there. This is not a good position from which to get anything done. Moran said that one of his commitments to us is to question the Executive Committee╠s decisions, per the by-laws. This is an extremely weak statement. Questions will do nothing. His most effective move would be to immediately file a Director╠s Lawsuit to remove the entire board, for malfeasance. We╠ll keep waiting by the radio to hear that he has done this."

Alice and Jeff Chan

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