This is a letter that will be put into the KPFA staff mailboxes on Friday.


We have been working for several months on the resurrection of the Folio. We had the idea that the Folio should come back and that North Bay for KPFA would be the ideal group to do this. Since we have a certain independence from the politics of the Bay Area we feel that we will be able to cover all the issues that concern KPFA and Pacifica. We have no agenda except to see KPFA and Pacifica returned to their original purpose as envisioned by Lew Hill and to enfranchise the Pacifica listener community. We have been working on this project with the great assistance and blessings of Ralph Steiner who published the Folio for KPFA for the last many years of its existence.

We will soon be publishing the first issue of North Bay for KPFA's Folio. An important part of this effort is trying to reach as many of the current KPFA listeners as possible. We are asking you to make a plea on the air for any listeners who would like to subscribe to the new Folio to send their names and addresses to;

Folio/Sonoma County Peace and Justice Center
504 Pacific Avenue
Santa Rosa, California 95404

We have been tabling at events and will have a table at the KPFA Crafts Fair. The first issue of the Folio will be available at our table. We will be asking for donations of at least one dollar to cover the expenses of publishing. We are also sending out the flyer that accompanies this request to all the addresses that we can assemble.

We have established and editorial board consisting of Peter Phillips of Project Censored, Ralph Steiner, Carol Spooner of the Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board, Michael Costello, Alice Chan, Jeff Chan, and Diane Savory of North Bay for KPFA, (this is pending Peter Phillips call to Dennis) Dennis Bernstein, (and possibly Susan Stone.)

We will be including a program guide but the one we have is not as current as it should be. If you can give us details on your own show regarding upcoming special guests or highlighted music presentations we would greatly appreciate it. Eventually we hope to include playlists like the days of old.

Thank you very much for your attention and assistance,

Michael Costello
North Bay for KPFA

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