Notes from Affinity Group Spokespersons' Coordinating Committee meeting
9/5/99 Sunday night.

1. Lynn Woolsey is in Occidental on 9-18, 10:00 to 12:00am; call the local office for appointment.
2. Michael Parenti and others are speaking at Everett Pearson Hall at Sonoma State on 9-15, at 7:30PM. Topic is NATO bombing of Serbia. Northbay for KPFA will table at this event.
3. KPFA Local Advisory Board meeting on 9-8 in Berkeley from 7:00 to 9:00PM.
4. Town Hall Meeting on Watershed and Forest Conversion to Vineyards, 9/9 at 7:30PM, at Occidental Community Center, corner of Graton Rd. and Bohemian Highway in Occidental.5.

Public Education & Free speech issues:
Persuade KPFA to give a regular weekly slot to updates and news from NorthBay for KPFA as a means for us to communicate with others.

Each of us is to discuss these ideas with our own Affinity Group and bring responses and additional ideas for discussion points to the next Spokes-persons meeting and to the mass meeting.

Martha reports that the Peace and Justice Center has $4,551.50 in the account for NorthBay for KPFA. Cathy is doing a needs-analysis to determine the best use of the funds. (see Graton Group report.)

Affinity Group Reports
1. Media Group
Spent the last meeting writing a press release for the upcoming mass meeting.

For future press releases, is preparing an exhaustive media contact list to include deadlines for news and for calendar items, as well as contacts at each organization. This list includes print as well as broadcast (radio and TV) media.

Will be taking on a new task, acting as liaison with a KPFA news-person, to inform them of our activities here, and to make certain that our projects are properly announced.

To contact the station:
1929 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley, Ca. 94704
Phone: 510-848-6767
Fax: 510-848-3812
Studio: 510-848-4425
Decided that its time to create our own news! Has provided the Petaluma City Council with information and sample resolutions from other city councils, to ask the National Board to resign. Will carry this work to other city councils around Sonoma County.
Is working on the list of organizations from the Petaluma Progressive Festival, asking for endorsements of a resolution calling for the resignation of the National Board.

2. Graton Group.
Is researching how to set up a trust fund, to accommodate future donations to KPFA and eliminating the 17% cut to the Pacifica Foundation.
Is researching needs for the three groups to receive donations:
1. Friends of Free Speech Radio
2. The Siegel and Yee legal trust fund
3. NorthBay for KPFA.

1. Committee to Remove the Board
Has 600 responses on the class-action suit needs 3,000. Has an ad in Los Angeles, Houston, Washington DC, and New York weekly alternative presses, with a copy of the sign-up form.


Suggestion that each AG "Adopt-a Site" and commit to keeping table going there.

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