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11/17/00 - The Los Angeles Times - Calendar Section
This is an announcement of a benefit concert to help "Howard and Roz Larman pay for legal expenses incurred in trying to resolve their dispute with KPFK management." The article explains the situation thusly, "After a 30-year run, the Sunday night show was canceled last month because the Larmans refused to sign an agreement that they felt essentially ceded ownership of the program's content to KPFK."
Rating: Good continuing coverage of bad KPFK management
Or, here it is from The LA Times...
Benefit Concert for Producers of Canceled 'FolkScene' Program Jackson Browne, Harry Shearer, Van Dyke Parks, Katy Moffatt and Peter Case are among the artists who will perform at a benefit concert for "FolkScene," the music program that recently was dropped by KPFK-FM (90.7).
The event at the Troubadour in West Hollywood on Nov. 28 will raise money to help "FolkScene" producers Howard and Roz Larman pay for legal expenses incurred in trying to resolve their dispute with KPFK management.
After a 30-year run, the Sunday night show was canceled last month because the Larmans refused to sign an agreement that they felt essentially ceded ownership of the program's content to KPFK.
Tickets for the benefit are $25 and may be purchased at Rhino Records in Westwood and Blue Ridge Pickin' Parlor in Canoga Park.
Information: (323) 934-2046, or

California Newsreel ( ) offers the documentary, "KPFA On the Air"!
Head to this site for more info...

Urgent petition campaign to California's Attorney General...
Stop Mary Frances Berry and The Pacific Board before they destroy Community Radio!

The application of 12 listeners, representing all five Pacifica radio stations, for standing to sue the Pacifica Foundation has been fully briefed and awaiting a response from the California Attorney General since January 31, 2000. The suit seeks to remove Pacifica directors for breach of charitable trust and gross abuse of authority and discretion.
For the petition, head here

An Open Letter to the KPFA Community:
From Robbie Osman

These are hard times. We are weary of the fight that has taxed all of our resources for over a year and we ache for the time we can begin to heal our wounds. But we must still make crucial decisions carefully and together and we need to hold our discussions honestly and fairly. I am troubled by the possibility that Jim Bennett will accept the job of general manager in defiance of the often repeated and widely supported demand that Pacifica offer the job to Nicole Sawaya.

In this letter are some of the reasons the KPFA community should refuse to accept any manager until Nicole has been offered the opportunity to return. And why Jim should refuse to apply for the job until Nicole has turned it down and an appropriate hiring process has occurred. I ask you all to evaluate the points and questions raised here critically but fairly. And I ask everyone to consider what sort of new KPFA we want to come out of all of this work and pain.
Head here for Robbie Osman's full letter...

Michael Costello's 5.26 letter

Of all the Pacifica stations KPFA represents the biggest challenge to the Pacifica National Board. Station management at all the other stations is firmly in control of the PNB. The National Board is very aware of the threat that KPFA presents to their plans to reform the whole network.

Pacifica has posted the position of KPFA station manager and has hired a corporate headhunting firm to find a new station manager. They claim that they have 40 applicants. Whether this is true or not is anyone's guess. As you know, the firing of Nicole Sawaya was the spark that ignited the listener rebellion at KPFA last spring. KPFA's acting interim manager Jim Bennett's term comes to an end in June. Nicole has been prevented from re-applying for the manager position at KPFA due to some legal incumberances that I don't have details on. The Pacifica Board has structured this situation so that the job application period closes just a day or two before Nicole would be free to apply for the position.

A letter has been written to the PNB demanding that no new manager be hired at KPFA before Nicole is offered the job.
Head here for the full text...

On April 28th Oakland Superior Court Judge James Richman issued his long-awaited ruling that the plaintiffs in the LAB lawsuit (representatives from four of the five Pacifica stations' Local Advisory Boards, or LABs) do have standing to sue Pacifica. This ruling is a victory for the LABs' claim that they have the right to elect (and to remove) two directors from each local station. Now, plaintiffs are free to subpoena documents, take deposition testimony under oath and to collect evidence to prove their case that the board has engaged in improper conduct and unfair business practices.
Acting swiftly upon Judge Richman's ruling, the KPFK Los Angeles LAB on May 4th voted to remove Director Robert Farrel and elected Dawud Khalil-Ullah Abdullah to represent the KPFK LAB on the Pacifica National Board. It is not expected that the Pacifica Board will acknowledge the acts of the KPFK LAB at the upcoming June 9-11 national board meeting in Washington, D.C. -- So look for more court action to come soon!

Lab Lawsuit...
The judge in LAB lawsuit against Pacifica has ruled that the plaintiffs (representatives from all five Pacifica stations' Local Advisory Boards, or LABs) do have standing to sue. Pacifica had filed a "demurrer" challenging their right to sue. Now, plaintiffs are free to subpeona depositions and collect evidence to prove their case that the board was involved in improper conduct and unfair business practices. The lawsuit seeks remedies that include the re-institution of democratic procedures for electing representatives to the Pacifica National Board, among other issues. More to come....

The Legislative Audit Committee's might not get released!
It appears that there is some concern that the Legislative Audit Committee's report on their efforts might not get released. This is not acceptable. Not only do we need to find out what was revealed in this audit, but this is extremely wasteful of the efforts of all of us who wrote letters, made phone calls etc. and attended the hearing, not to mention the hundreds of wasted bureaucratic hours that our tax money paid for. We paid for this report and we want to see it!
Please take a moment to write or call these members of the Committee and ask them to follow through.
Head here for addresses and more...

Dr. Mary F. Berry"s Editorial Opinion for the speech she didn't give at the U.C. Riverside Womens Conference:
Head here for the news between the lines...

Last week in Riverside an intense debate swirled at the UCR campus as protesters prepared to confront Mary Frances Berry. Rafael Renteria's recent commentary.

Kahlil Jacobs-Fantauzzi Trail:
Monday 9 AM, April 17th. In Oakland at 661 Washington Street. There is a rally at 8 AM on the steps of the courthouse. Be there!
There is a Defense Fund for Kahlil. Call (510) 848-6767 ext. 619 to find out where to send your contribution.
Head here for uch more information and work to be done...

Unitarians for a Just Economic Community
Supporting KPFA's Critical voice

We will have a fundraiser April 30th, Sunday evening with U.Utah Phillips, Dan Coughlin, Laura FLanders and many others...
This fundraising will be to assist us in organizing a National Alliance between the community groups in each broadcast area.
More info...

News from Washington! Parts 1 & 2
"... An Arbitron analyst, had stated at yesterday's Board meeting that "we are failing. Pacifica has gone from being underutilized to irrelevant." This became the buzz quote at this morning's Program Policy Committee meeting, which we attended."
"...This is Alice again. We are all taking very detailed notes about this event, because the Court Reporter mysteriously did not record this committee meeting, and we don't want to rely on whatever was picked up by various recorders and sporadic note-taking. The point is, Tomas WAS appointed to the Governance committee in October -- I have it in my notes from that meeting, which are here with me. Jim Bennett also has it in his notes. But since the minutes from that meeting have not been distributed, it can't be officially proven. MFB now says that Pete Bramson was appointed to the Governance committee -- not true. Also, what no one noticed in the melee about all this is that what has been lost is Tomas' No Sale resolution. This whole section of the meeting was an absolute outrage, and a continuation of the effort to paint Tomas as inexperienced and not knowledgeable about how things are supposed to work, and paint the rest of the Board as being indulgent with him and his "mistakes."
"... Love to all from Jeff, Alice, Kyle, Adrienne, Carol, and Heidi."
Head here for the full letter...

Jan & Michael Costello's 2/11/00 letter to Attorney General Bill Lockyer,,,
"...We cannot stress enough how important the Pacifica Network is as a source of truth in this ever-deepening morass of media untruths and distortions. It is critical that the Pacifica Network remains free of corporate and governmental influence. "

Here's an example of Michael Costello's good work reviewing media coverage...
Everyone can help by writng back to the publication to encourage and support accurate reporting, challenge mistakes or blatent misrepresentations....
2/12/2000 - The Washington Post - Letters to the Editor
This is a fine letter from Katharine Gale of Berkeley in response to Frank Ahren's article of 2/8/00. She makes the simple point that Amy Goodman's story "Drilling and Killing" about Chevron's crimes in Nigeria could never have been done if Chevron was "footing the bill." Do people? People do.
Rating: Excellent ml

BENEFIT FOR: Friends of Free Speech Radio & North Bay for KPFA
GRAY BRECHIN -- Illustrated Lecture from his new book, Imperial San Francisco
Hosted by LARRY BENSKY who will give an update on the struggle to save/democratize Pacifica radio.

Gray's fascinating book on the environmental devastation caused by the building of cities is a "must read" for Sonoma County environmentalists!

WHEN: Wednesday, Feb. 23rd, 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: Andrews Hall, Sonoma Community Center, 276 E. Napa St., Sonoma
TICKETS: Advance tickets are $5 at Readers Books or $8 at the door
INFORMATION: (707) 939-1779

Turn out for this important fundraising event. Help us fund the ongoing fight to Free Pacifica from the continuing bonds of tyranny.

Noelle Hanrahan -- a recently appointed community representative on the KPFA Program Council -- will come to Santa Rosa this Sunday to meet & discuss with North Bay listeners.
What is the Program Council? What do they do? Do they decide what programs go on the air? Do they evaluate programs? Do they evaluate program proposals? How do you get on the program council?
WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 13th, 6:30 p.m.
WHERE: Peace & Justice Center, 540 Pacific Avenue, Santa Rosa
BRING: Your questions

2/6... Kathy Reuve's fine letter thanking Lynn Chadwick for all her organizing assistance...
"I have been grappling with the personification of you and your actions in relationship with Pacifica and KPFA as malefic but, on deeper consideration, I realize the net result has led to a great good.
It has almost become a cliché that those of us steadfastly opposing the actions of the Pacifica National Board have been brought together as a cohesive force by your actions over the past year. "

Consciousness in Washington D.C.
A portion of Frank Ahrens' Washington call-in show
... also see the ever-updated Media Review pages....

Jim Curtis' notes from the 1/27 meeting!

2/2/00 --Word from Rafael Renteria...

Statement endorsed by Northbay for KPFA, 1/16/2000
This statement was presented to members of the Steering Committee and the Committee for a Democratic Pacifica (CDP) at the CDP meeting last Monday, Jan. 19, at the Unitarian Church in Berkeley.
"Whereas the Steering Committee arose in response to the KPFA lockout emergency,
and whereas the Committee has always been recognized by the Pacifica Board as nothing more than a labor-management negotiating body
and whereas the most legitimate representative of the KPFA community is a democratically elected LAB
we in Northbay for KPFA propose that the Steering Committee be disbanded, in the interest of better focusing community energy."

Fundraiser, Feb. 23, 2000
EVENT: Benefit For Free Speech Radio And NBAY for KPFA in Sonoma
WHEN: February 23, 2000 at 7:30 PM

WHERE: At the Community Center in Sonoma on First Street, just at the far end of the square as you come in on Highway 12 (eastbound). Hosted by Readers Books, Sonoma.
Gray Brechin reading from his newly published book, "Imperial San Francisco: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin."
With Introduction and comments by Larry Bensky.
Contact Readers Books at (707) 939-1779.

Embattled Pacifica Foundation Moves National Headquarters from Berkeley to DC
KPFA listeners and Bay Area media activist shocked by nighttime move.
Berkeley, CA‹Last night, after dark, movers employed by the Pacifica Foundation pulled up in front of the Foundation offices next to KPFA radio and began moving the organization¹s headquarters to Washington, DC. ³Without any warning or announcement to the community, Lynn Chadwick moved the Pacifica Radio office in the middle of the night away from the community that has sustained it for close to 50 years,² said YunJong Suh, a KPFA listener and free speech activist. Suh was attending a meeting at KPFA when the movers arrived at about 9:30 PM.

This is a letter sent to KPFA mailboxes last week...
"An important part of this effort is trying to reach as many of the current KPFA listeners as possible. We are asking you to make a plea on the air for any listeners who would like to subscribe to the new Folio..." Head here for the letter

REAL AUDIO -- If you missed it you can hear the 11/23 Flashpoints interview with Carol Spooner and Attorney Dan Bartley regarding the listeners suit to remove the pacifica Board -- Go to the Save Pacifica webpage It's 3rd from the top on the right-hand side. For more info, see also Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board webpage at

Pacifica Listeners Union (PLU) policy committee, composed of Rafael Renteria, Bernie Eisenberg, Heidi Chesney and Michael Costello, presented the PLU plan of action. In order to establish an independent national voice of listeners throughout the station and affiliate areas, the PLU states the following goals:( Head here for the full story...)

SANTA ROSA AFFINITY GROUP - Meets Friday nights at 7 at Higher Grounds Cyber Cafe -- Working on Pacifica and LAB bylaws revisions, among other things, to democratize Pacifica
-- Contact: Gregory Wonderwheel at 526-2867 or

Here are two reports on the last KPFA LAB meeting that took place on November 19th.
The first report is from the savepacifica website. The second report is from our North Bay for KPFA members Jeff and Alice Chan.
Interesting is the disturbing difference between the "official" report on the LAB meeting from a website that we should be able to trust and the eye witness report from our representatives who not only attended the LAB meeting but were actually witnesses to the Pacifica board reinstatement of the "gag" rule. Jeff and Alice saw both Bramson and Moran vote with the rest of the board. So, here is the "official" savepacifica website report followed by the excellent report from the Chans... Head here for the reports...

The Pacifica Crisis. How Did This Happen, or, Are They Just Crazy?
Ed Pearl
writes: "This article is as much an amalgamation as my own creation, and is intended as a starting point for the systemic analysis I have yet to run across...
KPFA, flagship of Pacifica's five FM stations, was founded by Lewis Hill in 1949 as a sanctuary from the pabulum and right wing poison of radio, just after the start of the Cold War/McCarthy period."
Head here for the full story...

The November 14th Spokes Council notes and more info...

Here's the first Houston report from Jeff and Alice Chan!

Michael Costello just got a telephone report from Alice and Jeff Chan who are representing North Bay for KPFA in Houston.

Here's what the Pacifica Board thinks of their "successful" meeting -

Resolution in Support of KPFA Radio Station by The California Faculty Association Delegates¹ Assembly, October 18, 1999

Spokes Council notes from 10/17 and 10/24

Mischief Night comes early to Montrose and KPFT/Pacifica Radio
Head here for the story...

NorthBay For KPFA Newsletter #55 , part 1

Announcing the Listeners' Fund
The Coalition for a democratic Pacifica (CdP), North Bay for KPFA (NBforKPFA), and the Friends of Free Speech Radio (FFSR), in support of the staff at KPFA, have created the Listeners' Fund. Some listeners who believe in the mission of Pacifica and wish to contribute to KPFA feel strongly that they cannot give directly to the current Pacifica Board of Directors which controls direct contributions.
Head here for the entire text & info...

The Houston Committee for People's Radio presents The October Surprise
A Series of Events this Month to Force the Pacifica Foundation to Live Up to Its Ideals KPFT 90.1 FM and Pacifica Radio have given up on the community that created and sustained them over 50 years. But, the community hasn't given up on them. - "We're here, without fear, and we won't disappear."
Head here for events surrounding Pacifica Foundation National Board Meeting in Houston, Oct. 29-31, 1999

KPFA News from Lyn Gerry 10/17/99 -
Dear Friends -
Last Saturday, KPFK's Chicano Radio broadcast an on-air debate on the crisis facing the station and Pacifica. This week, Producer John Martinez was told that his program would be pre-empted for the fund drive. Anyone who called the station asking to speak to him was told that he no longer worked there. No one has told John anything, but it looks like station management plans to get rid of him and Chicano Radio for airing last Saturday's debate.
For the full letter...

This notice is from the Pacifica website and is dated 10/16/99 -
"Notice is hereby given of a meeting of the Governing Board of Directors of the Pacifica Foundation in Houston, TX. The meeting will take place on Sunday, October 31, 1999 from 9:30AM-12NOON, at the Double Tree Hotel, 2001 Post Oak Blvd, for the purpose of transacting matters related to the agenda and any other matters which may come before the Directors of the Corporation."

The 10/14 Newsletter, including...
1) From Media Alliance to Houston! HIGH PRIORITY!
2a) Filing The Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board lawsuit: THIS IS AN URGENT FUNDRAISING LETTER
2b) The Pacifica Foundation Articles of Incorporation
3) Announcing the Listeners' Fund - Consolidated Alternative Account: URGENT!
4a) Save Mumia Rally Tonight and on Saturday: URGENT! URGENT!
4b) Some Background on Mumia's Case Forwarded from Bill Mandel
Head here for it all...

A Note and Forwarding messages:
1) FROM MELLA re Sunday Meeting 10/10/99
To the full text...

Two Letters! First, a letter from Ralph Nader to MFB. Second, an article written by Bob Feldman on July on July 22.
"There's a difference between Listener-Sponsored Radio and U.S.Government -sponsored Radio. But around 1986 the Pacifica Administration began accepting Corporation for Public Broadcasting sponsorship of its radio network, while Pacifica stations, including KPFK in Los Angeles, continued to promote themselves as a listener-sponsored media alternative to the government-sponsored NPR and PBS stations."
Head here to read on

8/18 -- Open letter in The N.Y. Times to M.F. Berry
Dear Dr. Berry and Members of the Pacifica Board,
Under your direction, a unique institution meant to serve as an island of free speech in a sea of commercialized broadcasting has abandoned and betrayed that mission.
Full letter...

KPFA People of Color Coalition Statement
The Pacifica National Foundation has provoked a crisis throughout the network, most specifically at KPFA, by locking out the staff and community, hiring anti-union consultants, employing armed goons and utilizing a corporate public relations firm to deceive the media and the community.
The full statement...

A reminder there are links to great Photos of the events on the bottom of the opening page at:

Editorial from The Nation: Pacifica Static
The temblors around Ground Zero Berkeley, otherwise known as station KPFA, seemed to be diminishing, but there were lingering aftershocks. The passions aroused, the grudges unleashed are very real. Full Text...

And a Response to the Editorial from Lauren Ayers...

North Bay for KPFA thanks Robin Pressman and programmers at radio station KRCB 91.1 and Pat Thurston at KSRO 1350 AM for their continuing coverage of the Pacifica board's attempted coup and hositle takeover of KPFA radio! Please call or drop them a note and let them know how much we appreciate their support. KRCB -5850 Labath Ave. Rhonert Park, CA phone: 585-8522 KSRO-543-0100

A one hour video titled "KPFA - Taking to the Streets" has been produced and shot by Kevin Sullivan of the Sonoma County Free Press, and is now showing on public access cable TV in Santa Rosa, Channel 72 - Tuesday nites at 8pm, and Thursday afternoons at 2pm for the next two weeks starting August 3; also showing at Petaluma Community Access Friday nites at 8:30pm and Sunday nites at 7:30pm for 3 weeks. A copy can be rented free from the Peace & Justice Center located in Santa Rosa at 540 Pacific Ave. Call 575-8902 to reserve it.
More information and locations to view.

Urgent Action Item!!!! The Press Democrat reported today on page B7 that there were only 1,000 people at the demonstration on Saturday. There were between 10,000 and 15,000 people. We must correct this report immediatly. Please write a letter to the PD, all of the local papers and call the radio stations to express your concern about this and get this false report corrected as soon as possible. Regional & More Newspaper Addresses

OUTREACH Affinity Group's next meeting is Tuesday, August 17, at 6:30 PM at David's office: 150C Professional Center Drive, Rohnert Park
Check the Affinity Group page for more info.

Important! A Legal Shot Across the bow! Lawsuit letter to MF Berry

Emergency Proposal for Transformation of KPFA

The Legislative Letter... Full text of signed letter here...
More on The Aug 20th Hearing! Addresses to Send Mail!

State Senator Chessbro's Letter of support

Black Radical Congress Calls for Mary Frances Berry's Resignation... Full text

International Reports... "Turmoil" reported at radio KPFA in California
Here in the United States, a prominent broadcasting story has been the turmoil at noncommercial radio station KPFA in Berkeley, near San Francisco, California. For full text...
The Milan Declaration On Communication and Human Rights... Full text

8/4 Free Fresno College's President reports on the Satellite Head here for his letter...

Nominations for Pacifica National Board... and some further thoughts.
Strong Comments on the "Deal" and A Petition For a Democratic Pacifica Head this way...
A look at Dr. Berry's Offer

A call has come in for GRAPHIC ARTISTS -- for outreach flyers/posters Please call Kate at 579-1842

TakeBack KPFA and Mary Moore have superb background material reminding everyone the departure from KPFA's original goals didn't just start in February... mail... visit the site and learn more The Sonoma County Free Press

Filmaker Michael Moore writes Berry & Chadwick: "Are You Nuts?"
" I hereby revoke all permission forms I have signed in the past when being interviewed on KPFA.
I insist that you do not play anything I have recorded for Pacifica on any scab station such as KPFA and that no other Pacifica station feed any of my interviews or commentaries with them to KPFA. I will encourage my fellow authors, filmmakers and political activists to do likewise."
Not a happy fella... For Full Text and Enjoyment...

Flashpoints has a new website
Instructions for hearing flashpoints on line in mp3 are there. This is a different URL than the one we were given yeaterday that didn't work

Pay all those local Toll phone calls to a good Company
Working Assets has removed The Pacifica Foundation from the Donation List. Change your local toll service to this good group. Pac-Bell helped put in the ISDN line to the transmitter. Read this to change service

AFFINITY GROUPS -- There are many, some based on geographical area, some on tasks -- Head to The Affinity Group page to contact the best group for you.

LABOR AND SOCIAL ACTION AFFINITY GROUP meets Thursday 6:30 pm, 7505 Skidmore Ln, Sebastopol Call 523-1229 for directions or more information

DOWNLOADABLE BUMPER-STRIP ART New "Save Free Speech Radio" bumper-strip art and Web buttons are available at:

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS -- be sure to get your meeting announcements to Martha Glaser --

DATA ENTRY - If anyone could do data entry for the OUTREACH affinity group -- specifically, they want to contact people who don't have email contact -- Sara or Jane

LAWYERS -- Call Carol Spooner 526-2867. There are a couple of legal groups working around the Bay Area -- one is meeting at Fellowship Hall in Berkeley at Cedar & Bonita on Wednesday, 7/28

Listener Elections
Gregory Wonderwheel and Carol Spooner,, 526-2867
Dedicated to working with other groups around the country to bring about listener/supporter election of a new National Board.

Send Money to Support The Lawsuit Challenging The Board Takeover!
Funds are needed to support this final effort to block the anti-democratic chanmges recently enacted. Please help with contributions sent to:
Siegel & Yee Trust Account
(write "Pacifica Suit" in the memo area of your check)
499 14th street, #220,
Oakland, Ca. 94612

The Affinity group for Street Theater met Wed. More people are requested for our skit. Please forward to others our request for more people. Now's the time to be outrageous! If you've always wanted to be a radio talk show host/ portray Dennis Bernstein/ or be a slimy green Corporate monster now's your chance.
Next meeting will be 7:00 Wed.the 28th at Atelier 1 2460 Bowen in Graton Suite 19 call me, or e-mail Susan Hendricksen if you are interested and need directions 824-0914 or 829-3544. Thanks

Drop a note to post...
Old news and miscellany, for the most part, will be found here...