Kahlil Jacobs-Fantauzzi Trail:
Monday 9 AM, April 17th. In Oakland at 661 Washington Street. There is a rally at 8 AM on the steps of the courthouse. Be there!

Other things to be done:
Contact: John Sheridan: johnsher@lanminds.com (510) 848-6767 ext. 619 Coalition for a democratic Pacifica
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There is a Defense Fund for Kahlil. Call (510) 848-6767 ext. 619 to find out where to send your contribution.

We need calls, letters to: the D.A., Thomas Oroloff, who can drop the charges: (510) 272-6222; Berkeley Mayor Shirley Dean, who did not vote with her colleagues to support a resolution to drop the charges: (510) 644-6484; Berkeley City Manager, James Keene, who can drop the charges: (510) 644-6580; Berkeley Police Chief, Dash Butler, who also can drop the charges: (510) 644-6668; Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown, telling him to support a resolution dropping the charges: (510) 238-3141; Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson, who tried to have a resolution passed to drop the charges, but was stopped by the Board of Sups. Perhaps Keith can write Jerry Brown, and/or come to the trial: (510) 272-6695; See CdP web site for details, www.cfdp.org .

We need to produce regular emails to the list serves and beyond, to update PNN, the Pacifica Affiliates, and the striking Stringers.
We need video footage of ANY interaction of Kahlil with the police, and photos.
We need to contact and insist Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez cover the story of Kahlil's arrest. After all even the Pacifica Board has a resolution calling for the dropping of the charges.
We need someone to keep a clipping of all media on the case.
Need to get photos from Oakland Tribune photographer Rob Lampke of the arrest.
We need research on the 5 arresting officers. Thus far the names and badge numbers I have are: Badge 91 - Officer Sheffield. Sgt. Files. Officer Lopez. Have they been involved in complaints of improper arrests or using excessive force? We need any information we can get from Copwatch, 2022 Blake Street, Berkeley (510) 548-0425 and the Berkeley Police Review Commission, 1844 Addison Street, Berkeley (510) 644-6716.

We need a copy of the Pacifica resolution to drop the charges against Kahlil.

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