Pacifica Maintains Armed Guards at the KPFA In order to prevent KPFA broadcasters from programming locally, Pacifica has stationed armed guards at the transmitter to protect the ISDN line that currently connects it to KPFT in Houston "The country music jukebox of Texas." It is quite possible that this homogenized programming is being played to draw a consumer audience in order to make the station more attractive to advertisers and thus facilitate the sale of the station to a corporate buyer. Dennis Bernstein will have the latest on Flashpoints Free, which will be broadcast live at 5:00pm PST via KFCF and their website. Thanks to Transbay and KFCF, we now have 500 simultaneous streams available so more people should be able to listen online now. We will also have an online rebroadcast of Flashpoints free at 7:00pm tonight. Point your MP3 player to (for further info about listening to MP3 files, see online audio help

Please let us know if you or someone you know would be interested in broadcasting Free Pacifica via a micro-radio transmitter or streaming it live via the internet. It would be great to have an interconnected web of servers and broadcasters evolve so that if one hub goes down, another site can seamlessly pick up the slack.

They own the transmitter but we own our voices. They can shut us down, but they can't shut us up!!!

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