A Grand & Good Letter to Wes Chesbro...

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Dear Senator Chesbro:

As a constituent, a North Coast environmental activist and as someone who worked for your election, I am writing you with a great concern. I hope you are aware of the July 15th letter asking the Joint Legislative Audit Committee to hold a hearing on the actions of the Pacifica Foundation board of directors.

This letter has been signed by at least sixteen members of the legislature so far. I am asking you as my representative in the California State Senate to add your signature to this letter. The great majority of politically conscious activists in your district are very concerned about the attempt by Pacifica to silence the voice of KPFA.

I won't go into detail in this letter because you undoubtedly will receive many more requests such as this one. There are many outstanding individuals and groups who have come out in opposition to Pacifica's actions. This would certainly not be a political risk for you. I have not heard any credible voice in support of Pacifica. Even my 86 year old conservative father says "I may not agree with you, but I will fight for your right to say it". This used to be called patriotism. Perhaps we should say goodbye to this sentimental old fashioned value.

I, for one, will be fighting for this voice of free speech to the end. I hope you will also. We who support free speech on the North Coast will be watching.


Michael Costello

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