Another View on Recouping Donations

I have one request. I don't think we should have information telling people to ask for their KPFA pledge money back, because:
1. As far as I know, that is not an official position of our group. It is the opinion of some but may not be the opinion of all.
2. It is a complex issue, and it is affected by events which are changing daily. I have not yet asked for my money back. I agree with the reasons given for doing so, and I have considered asking for a refund, but there are more issues than those addressed here. Three of the most important are, I believe (not necessarily in this order):
(a) how will this affect KPFA as the staff are now going back in - will there be money to keep the station on the air?
(b) will withdrawing money speed up MF Berry's intent to sell the station, or will leaving money in buy time for KPFA?
(c) the lawsuit has been expanded to include donors, those who have contributed to KPFA. If we withdraw our money, how will that affect our standing in the lawsuit?
I don't know the answers to these questions. As I understand it, KFPA staff are divided on the issue.

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