Emergency Proposal for Transformation of KPFA

August 1, 1999

It is imperative that we take advantage of the opportunities that present temselves for transforming KPFA into an even more powerful and inclusive voice for social justice.

We the undersigned recommend that the KPFA staff immediately implement he following nine policy changes for the new KPFA:

Expand and transform KPFA's program council to include diverse on-paid staff and community representatives as voting members.

Adopt a "crisis programming" format and not a "business as usual" format during the station's first week back on the air (this format should include 'impeachment hearings' for the Pacifica board).

Commit to turning the 4-5 pm program slot into a dynamic, top-quality community/public affairs show, appealing especially to young people and people of color, using as many apprentices as is possible and feasible.

Establish an accountability mechanism for paid staff, including a 2-3 year review of department heads by staff and community members.

Re-establish the Third World and Gender departments, on a volunteer basis in the short term if necessary. Also, create a mechanism to support youth at the station.

Establish a regular mechanism for broader community input. Hire Nicole Sawaya and Larry Bensky in some capacity.

Have the ISDN line removed from the KPFA transmitter.
Integrate apprentices thoroughly into programming.
(Crafted from 08/01/99 meeting with Media Alliance/KPFA Communications Committee/variety of other groups represented. Text to be presented to KPFA staff, with long list of undersigned. Refer to this text copy when calling community groups/organizations/individuals to ask for their support. For those with internet access, this proposal will be posted at immediately (4:15pm - 08/01/99), and on later today, exact time of posting and specific URL not known as yet. Questions, more info, or to submit a list of groups/individuals you've contacted, email Yunjong Suh: )

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