This urgent email about KPFA sent to you by A First Amendment Center in Berkeley, Ca

The first thing that should happen when you receive this email is you should forward it to every single individual on your email list and you should tell every one of them to do the same and so on down the line. There is only ONE way that we are going to get KPFA back into the community of people from whence it came and that is for everyone of us to return the support they have given not only this community in the immediate Bay Area but internationally for the past fifty years of their existence.
This is about Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier and all of the Puerto Rican prisoners and all of the many, many others in the cages of steel and concrete and hate.
This is about Nigeria and the Ogoni people - Columbia and the U'wa - this is about those who gave their lives for a better future - this is about Big Mountain - Ward Valley and the Headwaters Forest - this is about Chiapas and East Timor and Tibet and there are many more, yet. This is about the past - the present and the future - reported on with truth and perseverence This is about love and compassion and lighting the way for many to see...
This is about standing up and speaking out so oppression and repression and depression and recession don't keep us down... This is about all of just keepin' on and keepin' on despite the hard times...
So, let's all just stand up and move along with our heads held high....because we will win!
Thank you

john vance, Coordinator
A First Amendment Center
Berkeley, Ca

**************************** This Message is from John Sommers of the Los Angeles Pacfolio Group -- They have a website too -- http://www.pacfolio.org/ Yesterday 70 demonstrators gathered outside the station in North Hollywood, nearly all carrying signs and carrying on varied conversations for three hours -- not a bad turnout on two days' notice and admittedly less than stellar outreach (we're working on that). About 45 minutes to an hour after we assembled a contingent of Beto Arcos, Barbara Osborn and Marc Cooper's sister (whose name I did not get) came out carrying plates of cookies and the copies of the propaganda sheet kpfkgm and his crew had distributed at the Teach-In last Saturday, passing along the line of picketers and trying to engage people in nice talk about the station (details of those conversations will have to be reported by others, as for some reason none of them approached me at any time). I find it interesting that the approach taken by KPFK management was to offer cookies to what they apparently still believe to be petulant children who can be pacified by "cookies and milk and off to bed". This same crew reappeared about an hour later with more cookies and lemonade, but without the propaganda, and repeated their performance -- again I was bypassed by the delegation. One of us (I did not get his name -- or have forgotten it) had prepared and circulated a petition calling for Schubb's resignation, and within 30 minutes after that had been passing among us kpfkgm himself appeared on the sidewalk, approached a man standing nearby me and asked snidely "Where's the petition?" Unfortunately I didn't think quickly enough to retort "You want to sign?" (This is what my maternal grandfather used to call "going down the stairs words".) Anyway, shortly thereafter kpfkgm was engaged in a heated discussion with a circle of 15-20 people -- not including me, as I simply cannot bring myself to voluntarily get that close to him -- others will have to report on the content of that encounter -- but kpfkgm ended the discussion by storming away and reentering the station. I later learned that this occurred immediately after one protester had told kpfkgm that as far as he was concerned the money he had contributed during the last pledge drive constituted credit card fraud. Hopefully others will be able to provide more specific details of the conversations with station management and their representatives that occurred. We will be demonstrating again next Monday and each Monday thereafter as momentum builds, hopefully to a more continuous presence as things develop. Love to all, John ******************************