Fineman Office Protests

The 2nd day of leafleting at Fineman Associates went very well. There were fewer police, more leafleters, and lots of enthusiasm. The few people who did not take leaflets usually would comment that they had already gotten one yesterday, or already knew about the situation with KPFA. There were no negative comments from anyone. Fineman Associates, Pacifica's replacement for their fired Public Relations Prevaricator Elan Fabbri, is located at 71 Stevenson Street, San Francisco, just off 2nd Street between Market and Mission Streets.
--Steve Wagner


Today was the second day of protests in front of the offices of Fineman and Associates, the PR firm illegally hired by Pacifica to put a pro-management spin on the current crisis.

We doubled our numbers today, with seven or eight protesters handing our leaflets to passers by. Once again, we were met by many uniformed police, about ten as opposed to the thirteen yesterday.

What gives?!? Don't the powers that be in San Francisco realize that real crimes are being committed by real criminals throughout the city, while SF's finest monitor the nonviolent activities of a handful of activists? Yesterday, we were outnumbered three to one! There were still more cops than protesters today!

Please contact the SF Board of Supes and Mayor Willie Brown and ask that San Franciscan's tax dollars be used to protect and serve the citizens, not to intimidate tiny numbers of people exercising their First Amendment rights.

Willie Brown
or []

SF Board of Supes]

I wonder just how many crimes were committed yesterday and today between noon and 1 pm. I'll bet the victims of those crimes would not be pleased that police were not available because they had to monitor our peaceful activities.

For more info. on the Fineman protests -- every weekday from noon 'till 1 pm until Fineman stops accepting Pacifica money (our money, yours and mine!) to spread misinformation -- check out EVA's Pacifica Radio in Crisis page [].

In solidarity,

Marcello Aurelio Lanfranchi
Ecological Villager's Alliance
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