from: The President of The Fresno Free College Foundation
I'm not sure what is understood about the relationship between the Fresno Free College Foundation and the Pacifica Foundation. The FFCF owns the satellite equipment at KPFA, which KPFA uses with FFCF's permission. FFCF has requested in writing that Pacifica stop using the equipment until KPFA has re-established regular autonomous programming. (The letter is posted on the KFCF.ORG website). Pacifica's response appears to have been to cut off the feed to KFCF on one side of the KU channel, but continue to broadcast to other affiliates on the other side of the KU channel. My letter to Lynn Chadwick remains unanswered, so we do not know what Pacifica's position really is.

Pacifica's use of FFCF equipment is unauthorized and therefore at least a trespass under California law. However, the FFCF board of directors has not yet considered whether further legal action should be taken. At this point, affiliates should simply be aware that Pacifica is utilizing FFCF's equipment without permission or consent. How the affiliates wish to respond to this information is their own business. FFCF does not intend to file any action without long and hard debate by the board. Legal actions against affiliates is simply not going to happen, in any event. If you have further questions, please direct them to me at
You may circulate this post, if you wish.
Kindest regards,
Doug Noll
Fresno Free College Foundation

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