July 23, 1999

Ms. Lynn Chadwick
1929 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way
Berkeley, California 94704

Re: KFCF Fresno, California

Dear Ms. Chadwick:

Since our brief telephone call on Monday, July 19, 1999, I have not heard from you concerning the status of KPFA programming. On Wednesday, July, 21, 1999, KFCF held a community meeting in Fresno at which over 300 people appeared to speak. The meeting was broadcast and taped, so I'm sure you can obtain a copy if you are interested.

The clear consensus as I heard it was:

1.Our listeners want KPFA programming re-established immediately.
2.Our listeners do not want Pacifica programming.
3.Our listeners want KFCF to represent their diverse, local interests.

In light of this, KFCF has ceased broadcasting all Pacifica programming until such time as KPFA is restored to programming autonomy.

As you know, the Fresno Free College Foundation has invested in a satellite dish system to facilitate reception of the KPFA signal. This system is installed at KPFA. We understand that the equipment was moved without our consent or permission to the Pacifica side of the building.

Because we are not broadcasting the Pacifica programming, we hereby demand that Pacifica immediately cease using our equipment for any purpose whatsoever. We demand that the equipment be covered and protected from the elements and all steps be taken to assure its safety and security.

I further request written assurances from you by July 27, 1999 that these steps have been effectuated.

Until such time as we resume KPFA programming, we request that our call letters and identification be eliminated from your broadcast. Your out-of-town programmers have been getting it wrong anyway.

We are also due an accounting and remittance from the Marathon, which we request be performed immediately. Your problems should not have to affect our financial well-being.

Finally, the abrupt cessation of programming on Tuesday, July 13, 1999 was in breach of the contract between Pacifica and the Fresno Free College Foundation. We hereby notify you of the breach and that it is, in our opinion, a material breach of contract. We demand restoration of KPFA programming at once. The damage KFCF will suffer is, at this time, unknown, but significant. I urge you to minimize the disruption to our programming so as to minimize Pacifica's ultimate financial liability to the Fresno Free College Foundation.

These matters are of the utmost concern to the Fresno Free College Foundation. I am available for consultation or discussion with you, counsel for Pacifica, or the board at any time.

Very truly yours,

Douglas E. Noll

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