Info from with Mark Mericle about the return to Broadcasting

MM: We cannot resume local programming probably till Monday or Tuesday. Pacifica still has control of the transmitter. Pacifica still has control of the frequency. In addition to that, the security force inside of KPFA did somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty to 30-thousand dollars worth of damage. Our production studio is down; most of the windows in the station are broken; we have only one way of getting out of the station, which is a violation of the fire code, so only 10 people at a time are allowed into the building.

Pacifica is still in control of the facility; some of us staff have access; we're inside the facility assessing the damage and trying to figure out what we need to do in order to resume locally-controlled broadcasting.

Given these conditions, we can't resume local programming right away at all. Pacifica is broadcasting from Houston, Texas; we need to go to the transmitter and unplug what they're doing in order for us to resume locally controlled programming.

The armed guards are still up at the transmitter; they're in control of the transmitter. We can't go on the air until Pacifica pulls the plug on the ISDN that is broadcasting from Houston.

Dr. Berry doesn't know anything about radio. She doesn't know what it takes to operate a local radio station and do quality programming. It's another indication that Dr. Berry needs to leave the Board of Pacifica Radio, because she's ignorant of what it takes to do radio.

In terms of broadcasting, we don't know what they've done at the transmitter; we don't know what they've done in our control room in terms of the equipment that links KPFA to its transmitter.

In terms of the damage, our main production studio is down; we don't know what they did; we don't know what the extent of the damage is. We think we might have lost two high quality speakers which cost four thousand dollars apiece.

(Mark was asked what it felt like to return this morning):

MM: It felt extremely strange to come into a building where I was removed more than two weeks ago in handcuffs and arrested for tresspassing, for doing my job. And then to see the very person that orchestrated the takeover and lockdown of KPFA, Gene Edwards.

We're not fully in control of the building yet because Pacifica's union-busting lawyer and Pacifica's hostile-takeover artist are still in control of the building; we have access but not control.

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