Please write letters to the editor!

Today's targeted publications: San Francisco Chronicle (,
Oakland Tribune (
LA Weekly (

Although KPFA is back on the air without the gag rule, the battle continues. The Pacifica executive committee members and the national board who created the crisis at KPFA are still in office and we have yet to receive a written statement guaranteeing no sale of the station. Additionally, Lynn Chadwick and Mary Frances Berry are doing more press interviews and trying to discredit KPFA supporters and downplay the fundamental issues that are still unresolved. Therefore, we must maintain the public's attention on our concerns and tirelessly write letters to the editor and op-eds to local and national newspapers. We suggest the following talking points:

1) Resignation of Pacifica's Executive Director and the other board members who led us into this crisis, particularly Mary Frances Berry, Lynn Chadwick, June Makela, David Acosta, and Michael Palmer.

2) Written statement guaranteeing no sale, transfer, or encumbrance of KPFA or any Pacifica asset by the current board.

3) Democratize the national board by changing the bylaws to increase local control of the stations and to introduce some form of elections to Pacifica's board.

Also, read the articles first and in your letter respond directly to lies or deceptive statements by Pacifica in the articles. Keep the letter fairly short. Pass the word. Thanks!

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