After introductions, an update on Saturday's march was given:
More than 150 people marched from Provo Park to the front of the KPFA studio on Saturday. Speakers included representatives of Sonoma County, including the following labor unions which have all passed resolutions in support of KPFA: CWA local, local labor council, North-bay labor council, California AFL, AFSCME. The AFSCME is particularly important because its leader, William Lucey, is a board member with close ties to Mary Francis Berry. The rank and file have passed a resolution condemning the board and asking for the resignation of Berry & Chadwick. Lucey has been unavailable because of a personal crisis (tragedy).

East Bay Express has an article giving the alignments of members on the board of directors, showing how the different members are leaning in different directions.

Carol Spooner has her e-mail list up and running. She is getting national and international response, with many compliments for the Web site and requests for information on how this group has been organized so quickly and effectively.

An agenda is set to cover the following:
Group updates
What is the purpose of this group
Friday's Teach-in, including clean-up and the Benefit Concert
Teach-ins for other groups
Sharing of ideas, e.g. East Bay Express as a source
Outreach to LA staff allies
Bumper stickers, t-shirts
Outreach to the fair and other events
Flyers, printing, carpooling
Outreach needs help now
Long term and short term goals
a suggestion NOT to discuss the list of 15 demands since we all share a common purpose
Coordination of communication
Name of group, who speaks for the Northbay groups
Newsgroup (not e-mail) distribution
Use of New College facility zenekar@sonic.ne Representatives gave updates on their group's activities:

OUTREACH has focused on the design for business cards. 1000 have been printed and are available (call Steve 528-7819) for cards. More will be printed with any necessary changes. The table at LBC Baez concert was successful in raising interest and money. Next meeting Tuesday, 7:30 at Steve's, 1108 Santa Catalina Way, Santa Rosa to discuss mission statement. Suggestion: ribbons or armbands zenekar@sonic.net TEACH-IN group meets Tuesday 7pm at New College; Atilla 795-1044/zenekar@sonic.net

BY-LAWS/CONTACT e-mail groups has contacts from all over. Groups in LA, SF & NY are working on fixing the structure of Pacifica

GRATON, FORESTVILLE, GUERNEVILLE reports their group has agreed to be active in letter writing, car pooling to events, circulating petitions (one was provided to the group, other suggestions to be left at Cold Mountain Book Store where they can be available to group members and the public), phoning our state and local reps, contacting KSRO to request air time for KPFA's displaced staff on a regular basis, outreach to others in the community to educate and encourage their involvement, request a Congressional audit, complain to the FCC (although it was noted that this could backfire), display bumper stickers. The group has grown by 9 members,

LABOR & SOCIAL ACTION has been the driving force behind the Thursday through Saturday events. Money has been donated for printing. Contact Pam, 523-1229/irecycle@sonic.net SEBASTOPOL has hooked up with OUTREACH, organized a Saturday carpool, encourages calling reps to make statements even when they say there's nothing they can do (like Feinstein & Boxer). Requests information on legal actions, short and long term goals. Meeting Sunday 3:30 at Ives. Legal Committee working through the Lawyers Guild SANTA ROSA Meeting Tuesday 7pm at Rose Garden at the JC. Agenda: Wednesday market table and fair advertising

PEOPLE OF COLOR working on airtime on radio shows, local papers (Latino), connecting with others in LA & San Jose. Contact Laura, 545-6381/sof14moon@aol.com

Stefanie- Meeting Tuesday 7pm at Master Builder, Sebastopol. Has contacted Coalition for Democratic KPFA (Andrea, Media Alliance) so not to duplicate efforts. Passed around Talking Points

Peter announces they have only 5 guys, would like to be joined by women with website experience. Suggests a tiny graphic that can be attached to the bottom of other websites with direct links to our sites that indicates support of free speech (anti-censorship)

Paul is given the floor the address the group with the questions: who owns KPFA, who thinks they own KPFA? He suggests SNCC as a mental model for the formation of local groups who make with their own decisions and coordinate with each other with the affinity groups as points of action. Our group at the meeting is a coordinating committee, may be given authority to speak for our groups and acts to keep from duplicating efforts.

Definition of our group's purpose:
*a grass roots movement based on self-empowerment and not a hierarchy of power
*our role is one of leadership, to take responsibility of going to meetings, getting work done
*support of individual voices with directions coming from the bottom to top, not top down
*spokesperson is not a leader to tell the affinity groups what to do Discussion of name:
Suggested names include:

Concerns are voiced about what our focus should be, who are we formed to speak for, should the word LEADERSHIP be avoided because of its implications, how are we going to be structured to keep from going too fast so that everyone can have the time and opportunity to participate, we are representatives of the affinity groups which are linked in support with our role as facilitating meetings (kept to manageable numbers) and to coordinate the sharing of information. It is important that we use a consensus model as a mechanism through which the larger groups can empower this smaller group to make decisions. While some executive decisions may be necessary for the facilitation of organizing, it is important that discussions involve consensus and take a positive, not a negative approach. Choosing a particular name is deferred until later.

Suggestion are for our meetings to be open for everyone to attend and have a voice where the group will decide by consensus if anyone is out of order; the Sebastopol group rotates their representatives for this meeting.

Paul Robbins interjects that non-violence and consensus training sessions are being planned for August & September for those who signed up. Contact him at 829-7950 for more information.

$300 was collected at the Joan Baez concert at LBC. Pam has also collected more than $130. Discussions center around soliciting for Sonoma County organizing. Suggestions include:
*money can be directed to KPFA (Friends of Free Speech Radio), donor should specify where they want their donation to go
*Peace & Justice Center may be able to process checks (Pam to contact Suzanne)
*we may want to give 10% of all donations directly to Free Speech Radio
*donations could go to KPFA c/o Free Speech Radio or to Sonoma County organizing or to the lawsuit *short term vs long term goals will affect how we collect & disburse funds; the discussion of goals is determined to be vital but needs to be scheduled for an open meeting of its own
*collections & disbursements are to be discussed weekly with a financial report given; the group as a whole will approve of expenses submitted by the affinity groups (upon their approval).
*an emergency fund should be available
*Pam and Kathy will coordinate and submit suggestions to the group next week, including use of bank account, expenditure approval, emergency funds.

Flyers need to be disbursed. Preparations include cleaning out a room at New College. Monday (10am to 10pm) will be devoted to cleanup. A truck is needed, bodies to help are needed. A staircase with rails is required as a fire escape (Pam is to call United Rentals for renting staircase; authorized to spend $25). Help will be needed Friday night (Stephanie volunteers to coordinate) arrive at 5:30; doors will open at 7 pm after fire inspection. The event is wheelchair accessible.
Gathering flowers is suggested for the event. Atilla is to make list of tasks for help and post with Carol through e-mail.

Carol requests that web-site address (freestone.com/kpfa) & e-mail address (wildrose@pon.net) be listed prominently on everything.

Peter requests that posters be submitted in disk version for the website, for downloading and printing. Contact him at rowinsky@alumni.princeton.edu.

Peace Press will carry a story on the group (with web site & e-mail addresses listed).

Decision is made to postpone the discussion of goals because of time. It is noted that this is an essential issue that must be addressed and not put off indefinitely. It is suggested that we take the discussion to our affinity groups to help facilitate articulation of a shared vision with clear goals, good relationship and free-flowing communication. We decide to limit the remaining meeting time to upcoming events, scheduling next meeting and determining what we want our affinity groups to do.

The use of the internet as a communication tool is suggested. E-mail and newsgroups can allow for extended discussion. However, it is pointed out that not everyone is on-line. We don't want to alienate those who do not have cyberspace access and it is important to remain in physical touch as well as using computer tools.

Alan announces there will be a news piece tomorrow on KRCB 7pm.

Contact for civil disobedience for those committed to getting arrested-Van Jones has been available at the KFPA site.

Carpooling for Saturday's rally: 9:30 at Ives, 10:00 at Cotati (116 at Old Redwood Hwy), 10:30 at Petaluma (Lakeville at 101 near Lucky). When March is to leave Sproul Plaza will be determined and send out on e-mail. OUTREACH will make a poster with Saturday carpool times for Friday's TEACH-IN.

Upcoming meetings set. Contact David Burke, New College, 568-0112, to set all future meetings.

Sunday, August 1 6:30 at New College, Carol to chair
Sunday, August 8 7:00-9:00 at New College, Greg to chair
Sunday, August 15 6:00 New College

Kathy will send minutes for this meeting to the Website to be posted and will bring copies next week.

Talk to Pam for donations for printing, 523-1229.

Thank you to Steve for chairing this meeting.

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