Affinity Group Reports
Saturday Fundraiser
Group Name

After introduction of attendees, the following announcements were made: Saturday's rally was great. For future rallies, the Northbay group should meet at one place and go in together with Northbay signs

The PROGRESSIVE FESTIVAL is being held Sunday, Aug. 22 in Petaluma. It will cost $25 for our group to have a table. Outreach will be in charge.

Santa Rosa cable station (72) will air a video on the KPFA struggle Tuesday, Aug. 3, Thursday, Aug 5 and the following Tuesday & Thursday. Copies will be available at the Peace & Justice Center after Monday afternoon, The community media center has free converters available for those who don't get Channel 72. The video includes footage of the Northbay rally at KPFA. A video of the July 9 San Francisco Teach In is also available.

TEACH-IN There is a poster for the Teach-In and a fundraiser poster on the website. Help will be needed for the upcoming fundraiser. They will send an e-mail message or contact AG(Affinity Group) leaders for help they will need.

SEBASTOPOL met this afternoon. They are coordinating sending letters in a mailing campaign. Copperfields is an information center for dropping off and picking up flyers, etc. They are planning community building exercises with Paul and a letter writing party. Development for postcards seeks help from OUTREACH.

OUTREACH needs tabling support to cover special events with flyers and posters and at Sebastopol Farmers Market. They are coordinating sign ups from non e-mail people, developing basic literature, printing more business cards. They are concerned about internal communication procedures. There will be a series of boxes with information ready for presentation available. They worked this past week to get out information on the Teach In in a manner not fully coordinated but it worked out okay.

MEDIA is concerned about a duplication of effort as they prepare sample letters to the editor, legislature groups. The group is full of editors and writers available for review of any printed material (e.g. press releases). They have divided into smaller subject groups: Speakers Group (to provide speakers on request); for press releases and distribution of letters to editors, coordination of postcards (handed out Saturday) to be sent to the 4 swing votes on the Pacifica Board (those names should include Lucy, Taylor-Gibbs and Andrea Cisco); Media Monitoring praises and criticizes the media for the job they are doing; Media Request to handle incoming requests; Liaison Group to keep in touch with other Northbay & Bay area groups. They met with the Press Democrat (Chuck Buxton & Dan Taylor). The PD has assigned the coverage to Entertainment, doesn't know how to handle this story, doesn't think there is interest but they have published two good stories since the meeting. Readers need to give feedback on their coverage
(Box 910, Santa Rosa 95402, ATT: Letters Editor)

SANTA ROSA had only 4 at their last meeting because others were all busy in other group activities. John is in charge of the Wednesday night market, Greg in charge of Wednesday Santa Rosa Democratic Club. They divided their goals into ultimate vs task (current activity). They had no consensus on the name of our group.

SOUTH COUNTY had six new people. They are tabling in Petaluma with flyers. They meet Wednesdays at 7:30.

LABOR/RADICAL IONS Don't care about the group name. They have created the Pledge of Resistence which was handed out at Friday's Teach-In. Action is to be trigered by another lock-out, the station being put up for sale. Pledge can be made for committing civil disobedience or to be available for direct action support. Council should review what other circumstances would trigger an action. They have conducted tabling in Sebastopol at Incredible Records and at today's Farmers Market, are collecting post cards given out at the rally to mail. Ron at Sprint Printing in Sebastopol is supportive, will let you print free if you bring your own paper, will give discount on paper. They have questions about role of Media group and how to coordinate efforts.

GRATON, FORESTVILLE, GUERNEVILLE group has agreed to the 15 Demands and added a 16th: The financial records of the Pacifica Foundation shall be open for a review of the details of Pacifica expenditures over the past few years; an independent audit needs to be conducted with a report given to the listeners. The group is interested in contacting Paul about civil disobedience training for the group as a whole. Meetings are held Fridays at 7:30-to be posted on the Web-site.

Flyers are available for tabling at P&J Ctr, New College, Sebastopol Sprint. Buttons are available for sale ($150 has been raised already).

Cash raised from the Friday's Teach-In will be split 3-ways (Sonoma fundraising, legal, KPFA). The Affinity Group will determine future splits as they see fit.

Get messages to Carol for posting on e-mail.
Media group is available to help. AGs responsible for contacting people in their group not on e-mail.

While the event was successful, there was criticism that they moderator was not skilled at communicating important information, pointing out the need for articulate spokespeople for NorthBay for KPFA who may serve a different role from moderating.

An e-mail was received that was critical of the dismissal of the Q&A session, Dennis Bernstein's comments. There was discussion on how criticism should be answered (if at all) and how it should be used as feedback.

The following proposal is passed:
Peace & Justice Center will collect checks and issue reimbursements for receipts to Pam or Kathy as needed. Kathy will be responsible for handling cash funds with. Pam reviewing all receipts and disbursements and acting as back up. A manual system will be used to collect data on receipts and disbursements. Data will be summarized on a spreadsheet report (a more sophisticated reporting system will be developed if needed). A financial report summary will be given at each council meeting. Receipts for disbursement should be approved by each affinity group which can submit receipts for up to $100. Funding for more expensive activities should be coordinated by the council, based on availability of funds. A petty cash fund of $100 will be handled by Kathy and/or Pam where disbursements of nominal amounts (under $20) may be issued at their discretion. Affinity groups are encouraged to help in fundraising. All funds collected will be turned into Kathy or Pam. Kathy will develop written procedures for collection of funds to be available at fundraising events and for group members handling the funds. Kathy and Pam will be responsible for communicating financial procedures with the Affinity Groups.

AGENDA ITEM: RESISTENCE PLEDGE is to be used as an organizing tool for a long-term crisis. P&JCtr may be maintaining the data base on info collected unless someone else volunteers. Activation of the pledge needs consensus from either the council or the Affinity Groups. If we are to function as a loose federation of groups responsible for decisions that then channel into the Council, there will be a slow reaction time. It may be more appropriate when calls for action come from the Bay Area that each AG agrees to their own course of action.

AGENDA ITEM: FUNDRAISING: Council agrees that $500 is available for the current fundraising event (Sat., Aug 7 performance at new College). Volunteers need to be coordinated Monday or Tuesday for baked goods, beverages, help in coordination. E-mail request will be put together after this meeting and given to Carol for posting. $25 to fund the table at the Petaluma festival is given to OUTREACH.

AGENDA ITEM: MEDIA SPEAKERS. The Media Group is empowered to arrange for speakers as needed. Suggested speakers are: Lynn Hamilton, Laura del Fuego, John and Greg (Santa Rosa group), Paul Robbins, Peter Rowinsky. It is determined that there will be no formal group position on issues, that spokespersons for the group will be expressing their own opinions that may not have group consensus. It is important to have as many different voices speaking as possible to express the range of views held within the group. Advocating specific actions (e.g. how to handle pledges) may be offered at a spokesperson's discretion with as many alternatives offered as possible. Our group has difficulty in achieving consensus on how speaking positions and calls to action should be determined.
We agree to discuss the process with Paul when he is available to help achieve clarity. The issue is that if each AG makes their own decisions, then brings them to the other groups through the council, our response time may be too slow to have any viable effect. How do we achieve consensus while allowing the most flexibility in achieving quick response to changing events?
How do we respond to different calls of action from other groups (e.g. the KPFA staff) especially if our group may disagree with the action called?
How are we best able to present a united front even if we are unable to achieve concensus? How can the Liaison Group from Media answer their immediate needs while coordinating efforts with the other groups?

It is proposed that there be a future gathering of the entire NorthBay for KPFA group at Ives Park.

350 people are on the e-mail list. There are many new people who still need to be plugged into Affinity Groups.

Discussions on group name and strategy are postponed until later.

Minutes will continue to be posted on the Website (

Next council meeting, Sunday from 7-9 pm at New College, will be facilitated by Greg.

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