Do you want to nominate National Board Members to replace the current rougue Pacifica Board?


Please Add to Brainstorm of potential National Board Members (also add descriptors of each suggestion when we get a chance):

Noam Chomsky:
Howard Zinn
Edward Herman
Christopher Hitchins
Dr. Peter Phillips: Now in its 24th year, Project Censored is administered by Dr. Peter Phillips of SSU's Sociology Department.
Lyn Gerry
Angela Davis
June Jordan
Cockburn, Alexander
Khosrow Amirazodi: Journalist from Iran, imprisoned and tortured under the Shah, former programmer of The Persian Program at KPFT, former Local Advisory Board member of KPFT, arrested for tresspassing at KPFT at the behest of former KPFT manager, Jean Palmquist, producer of broadcast and access cable TV programs, former lessee of KPFT sub-carrier band, publisher of Studio X magazine, internet radio producer and all-around alternative media junky, who now has the wisdom of experience (and the long grey beard to prove it) to move Pacifica into the 21st Century. (comments derived from submitter)
Sam Smith, editor of the Progressive Review, who was sort of banned from WPFW by the MFB clones over there, and someone who has the most astute observes of national politics - especially within that nefarious beltway. (comments derived from submitter)
Jonathan Kozol, social critic and author derived from submitter)
Anna Deaveare Smith, social critic, playwright, and actor (comments derived from submitter)
Robert Coles, social critic and psychiatrist (comments derived from submitter)
Bill Mandel (no comments from submitter)
Jeff Blankfort
Maria Gilardin
Les DeLong
Matthew Lasar -
Helen Caldicott -
Manning Marable
Playthell benjamin
Andrew Phillips
Les Radke
Christopher Hitchens
Rafael Renteria
David Adelson
Peter Franck


I'd like to put forward a few thoughts about this.
1) Removal of the current board, as others have said, is essential - and the sooner the better as every day they remain is an other day that damage is done to Pacifica. - many have addressed this point.
2) I'm not going to address the methods whereby this might be accomplished except to say they basically boils down to forcing resignations through activist pressure or removal through legal pressure (or a combination thereof) The main thing about this is that if they are to be gone, one way or the other, someone must be on hand to take over who will be capable of dealing with the mess and also initiating the restructuring of Pacifica into a democratic entitiy by a process that allows all stakeholders to have a meaningfull role in that restructuring
3) Who should these people be? I very much agree with Carol's [Spooner's] statements that these should be people in touch and informed about the needs and situations of their local stations. Naturally, there are many in the KPFA area who fit this description, and a lesser number at other stations depending on the general level of awareness and organization at those stations. These people have to be willing to put in serious time and energy, this won't be easy - and the criminals have really messed things up - so in nominating people, it would be well to consider people with a range of expertise that might be helpful.
4) Big question, folx doing the nominating should first check with their nominee to see if that person is willing and able to serve - for example someone like Howard Zinn would be a great adviser on setting up a democratic structure, but can he and will he serve? In addition to the responsible tranistionary directors, their ought to be an advisory panel - people such as Zinn for example, may wish to serve there, advising on democracy for example, but they may not desire to understake the some of the respnsibilities the transitional directors will have, like making budgets, assessing damage, coordinating allies etc.
5) Depending on how the current board is removed - if for example as intervention from the state - the new board members, at least some of them, will have to have "straight credentials" managing organizations - people who come to mind in this regard: Peter Franck( former Pacifica president) , Van Jones (execitive director, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights) - if you get my drift. REMEMBER, THESE FOLKS ARE TRANSITIONAL
6) It seems to me, that people who not part of one of the organized groups will have no input into selection of representatives. This has been a complaint on this list. It also seems to me that when a group puts forward chosen representatives, who represent a defined constituency, those reps will have a better chance of getting a hearing and being taken seriously. love,

(P.S. From Carol Spooner -- I'd like to see a balanced mix of poets, philosophers, phools & pragmatists -- mainly from local listener communities, with about 25% national at-large directors. Additional proviso -- no government employees of any kind, elected, appointed, or civil servants.)

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