Defend Free Speech Radio! March and Rally, July 31, 1999

Program: Assembly Site 11:00 am Sproul Plaz, UC Berkeley

Opening: All Nations Drummers

MCs Larry Bensky and Jay Imani, KPFA

ASUC representative
Third World Liberation Front, UCB
Comite 98 Puerto Rico
Henry Clark, West County Toxics Coalition
Gina Palcaldo, Native American community
Tom Rankin, President, California Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
CBeyond, Concord youth group
Bill Mandel, former KPKA commentator
Underground Railroad, spoken word group (8)
Third Eye, Spoken Word (5)
Andy Ross, Independent Book Sellers Association
Peter Phillips, Project Censored, Sonoma State University
Chris Worthington, Berkeley City Council

Nancy Nadel, Oakland City Council Ana DeLeon (3) performer
Representative, International Action Center
Dorsey Nunn, Critical Resistance

Aztex Dancers will participate in the march

Program: Rally site: 1:30 PM Martin Luther King Jr. Park

Dr. Loco's Rocking JalapeŇa Band, Opening performance

MCs, Migueal Molina and Barbara Lubin (Section A)

Maudelle Shirek, Vice Mayor of Berkeley
Gus Newport, former Mayor of Berkeley
Paul McKim, Youth for Socialist Action
Sal Roselli, Pres., Heathcare Workers, SEIU 250 (46,000 members)
Representative, Critical Resistance Youth
Representative, Black Radical Congress
Representative, STORM
Marco Firebaugh or Cruz Bustamonte, California State Legislators
Fred Pecker, International Executive Board, ILWU

MCs Jeff Mackler and Van Jones (Section B)

Representative, Budhist Peace Fellowship
Representative, Muslim faith
Representative, Jewish faith
Cecil Williams, Glide Memorial Church
Father Bill O'Donnell, St. Joseph the Worker Church

KPFA speakers:
Robbie Osman, KPFA
Khalil Fantauzzi Jacobs, KPFA
C.S. Soong, KPFA
Dennis Bernstein, KPFA
Richard Becker, International Action Center
Tom Amiano, San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Dolores Huerta, United Farmworkers of America
Culture Clash (10)
Representative, Lyric (Gay and Lesbian organization)
Maria Cristina Gutierrez, Co-Coord., Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Don Paul, Okinawa
Representative, League of Filipino Students
June Jordan, poet

MCs Andrea Buffa and Susan Stone (Section C)
Peter Coyote, actor
Bob Weir, Grateful Dead
Michael Franti, Spearhead (10)
Medea Benjamin, Executive Director, Global Exchange
Herb Cole, Educator, author
Representative, OLIN
Representative, Power (Workfare Organization)
John Moran, Executive Board, San Francisco Labor Council
Representative, Local 2850, Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union
Audie Bock, California State Assembly, Green Party
Kwame Anku, performer (5)

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