KPFA VIDEO... "Taking it to the Streets"

A one hour video titled "KPFA - Taking to the Streets" has been produced and is now showing on public access cable TV in Santa Rosa, Channel 72 - Tuesday nites at 8pm, and Thursday afternoons at 2pm for the next two weeks starting August 3; also showing at Petaluma Community Access Friday nites at 8:30pm and Sunday nites at 7:30pm for 3 weeks. A copy can be rented free from the Peace & Justice Center located in Santa Rosa at 540 Pacific Ave. Call 575-8902 to reserve it.

The video is a documentary about the days following the July 13th lock-out including the march down University Ave in Berkeley on July 14th and the confrontation with the police; the rallies and demonstrations of the next few days including many speakers such as Norman Solomon, media critic; Van Jones of Copwatch; Bruce B. Brugman, publisher of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and many many others including KPFA staff and apprentices. It also includes footage of the symbolic taking back of the Pacifica building and the brutal response of the police.

There is also footage of our Sonoma County Day at KPFA on the tape. If people would like to own a copy of this tape, please let me know.

Rivian Berlin-

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