Kpfk had a LAB (Local Advisory Board) meeting yesterday. About 40 people attended, there was no announcement made about this meeting on KPFK. When Marc Shubb was politely asked by David Adelson to clarify why there was no announcement. Schubb said that due notice was not given to the station.

A document was read by Kathy Lo (who is the program director at KPFK) supposedly endorsed by 17 paid staff members, that demanded that board members who signed on to the law suit should resign. The board members chose not to resign, although two board members (others can give names, I don't remember) did vote for the resignation of Terry the staff representative.

The LAB is considering at this point a statement on what message they want to send to Pacifica, that might include calling for a democratic restructuring, deploring censorship, and mention of dictatorships, even benevolent ones are no good.

The pacifica accountablity committee supported the WBAI LAB statement, and demanded that all board members resign, along with pacifica officers, and that elections and timetable be set up for the LAB (the PAC resolution).

Marc Shubb was confronted on a number of issues including censorship (which he claimed was not censorship, but he was just not airing personal matters, and that the "producers" had decided to pull democracy now, which is why one of the shows was pulled. ). -Out of respect for the "producers" of democracy now.

Shubb also refered to the movement as "crap." (If anyone has the exact sentence it'd be good to have it posted).

On not covering the huge berkely march... Shubb stated that PNN and Democracy Now did not cover the event till tuesday or thursday, and KPFK gets thier feed from PNN. Kathy Lo, further clarified that she had decided that there needs to be objectivity or something on this issue, and the need for third party information. So she had decided to only have AP reports on air.

Schubb finally stormed out of the meeting, as members of the audience got righteously angry at such answers/statements.

Many persons gave excellent statements on the crisis, and specific to KPFK during the public comment period. Also public comment was taken in relation to the resolution the board was considering.

David Adelson, and a few other members also talked about the importance of a subscriber/listener role, including but not limited to elections for the local advisory board, which was recieved with loud applause by the audience.

Others there might want to add or subtract from this report.

At this point it is very important that we continue the pressure,have good turn outs at the demonstarations (so folks we need to get the word out). Next demo. is on Monday 4-7 in front of the station . Next PAC meeting Thrusday at 7:00 P.M. at the Peace Ctr. We also need to have a spirited discussion on a listeners union, and begin formation.

Look forward to seeing everyone in Los Angeles at the demonstrations, and meetings.

Keep up the fight!
Si Se Puede.
Altaf Bhmji

p.s. Larry Bensky is having a good program talking about gernance issues, elections on Living Room right now. He also said that there were only two pacifica stations, WBAI, and KPFA.

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