Links and notes about The Media's Coverage and reaction to KPFA/Pacifica

Compiled by Michael Costello of The North Bay for KPFA Media Affinity Group

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8/25/99 - The San Francisco Bay Guardian - Ali Berzon
Another good report on the Legislative hearing in Oakland. Some good quotes from testimony; from assembly member Dion Aroner regarding the no show by Pacifica "(it's) offensive. It continues a bad strategy." As far as just where Pacifica is hiding, the BG says, "We left a message in Pacifica's media voice-mail box at KPFA. Our call was returned by Wendy Post, who told us, 'I don't work for Pacifica.' When we asked to talk to Chadwick, Post said, 'I was told that she'll be in a meeting all day and she won't be in tomorrow.'"
There's lots of good details in this piece. Regarding the filing of the complaint against Berry and Chadwick "The complaint's authors say they intend it as a political statement; they don't think it will be upheld or enforced" and my favorite from J. Imani, "We don't expect them to do jack shit. We wanted to call attention to the irony and hypocrisy."
Rating: Great coverage

8/25/99 - The Sacramento Bee - Suzanne Bohan
Ms. Bohan begins this story by addressing Pacifica's demand for "improvement" that's such an obvious set up for failure. From Andrea Kissack, former KPFA program director, now at KQED, "Six months is not enough time to see results. All those audience research gurus tell you that you have to look at change over more than a year, maybe two years." Here's an interesting quote: "Chadwick acknowledged that KPFA is the only one of Pacifica's five stations under new diversity and audience requirements and described the station as 'our noble experiment right now.' KPFA is the only Pacifica station in which staff has full authority over programming." Another from Aileen Alfandary "I think they're leaving it purposefully vague so they can make it up as they go along, and that in six months they can say nothing has changed and take whatever Draconian action they want to try to impose."
Rating: Accurate and very interesting

8/19/99 - The San Francisco Examiner - Judith Coburn
This is an editorial that is VERY favorable toward KPFA and quite negative toward Pacifica. This was a column for Pacific News Service. Judith Coburn is a contributor to the Village Voice. She sees the situation very clearly and tells the story very well. A feel good read for all except Pacifica.
Rating: Excellent EDITORIAL12082.dtl

8/19/99 - The San Francisco Chronicle - Charles Burress
This story reveals that three members of KPFA's staff have filed a complaint with the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights against the Pacifica Foundation. We all know that Mary Berry is the chair of this commission. She is the first of three including Lynn Chadwick named as alleged civil rights violators. The complaint was signed by KPFA programmers Nick Alexander, Mary Berg and Kirsten Thomas. Also signing was J. Imani, a member of the local KPFA advisory board. Berry says: "I, of course, have not violated anyone's civil rights in this matter." Includes a little obligatory history. Berry is "puzzled", Chadwick refuses comment as usual.
Rating: Accurate and interesting /MN102192.DTL

8/18/99 - In These Times - Sept. 5th edition - Culture - Philip Connors
Talk about breaking the silence! Not one but two Pacifica articles in the current issue. This one is the "culture" column of the month. Mr. Connors makes it 1/4 of the way through before he begins to lose his way. There is another rendition of the history which is pretty accurate, then he begins to try to be "fair" and "objective". About Chadwick etc. " Chadwick claimed her goal was to improve the quality of programming and increase listenership, but her heavy-handed actions had precisely the opposite effect. Sadly, some of the staff and its supporters acted just as irresponsibly. One dim bulb fired shots at Pacifica Foundation headquarters, and protesters branded management with terms like 'Pinochetista.'" Sighting one sign at one demonstration and the act of likely one individual as examples of the reaction of the many is poor journalism at best.
He redeems himself somewhat in the remainder of the article..."any shred of authority the board may have possessed instantly dissipated. Its bluff was called: It either had to sell the station or back down."
He mentions Jeff Land's book "Active Radio -etc" and Matthew Lasar's "Pacifica Radio - etc." and runs through some interesting early history stuff. He notes the very truism of the left, a "circular firing squad that leaves no one standing." Perhaps we can grow from this experience and begin to fire over our shoulders.
Rating: Except for the mentioned gaffs, a good read. The history alone is worth your time. Great early photo too.

8/18/99 - In These Times - Sept. 5th edition - Laura Flanders
Laura Flanders is a Pacifica national programmer and she relates the events of the last few months from her point of view. Fortunately her point of view is right on. Contained in this story are interesting details regarding the airing of Pacifica's daily shows, the shows Pacifica syndicates and the censoring thereof. There is mention of the plan to put the LA and DC station managers in charge of national programming. This article was written just before KPFA went back on the air. Laura ends her thoughts with this one: "Perhaps it will all turn around. I don't see how, with the current management in place."
Rating: Much more satisfying than the last ITT article (see-8/6/99). You'll need to subscribe to read the whole article on the web. Here's part:

8/17/99 - The San Francisco Examiner - Examiner staff and wire reports
The middle third of the Bay Area Datelines column addresses Mary Berry's notice that she will not testify at the Legislature's hearing into the Pacifica/KPFA crisis. "Berry's attorney wrote a letter to Assembly member Scott Wildman,...saying Berry didn't have enough notice to appear at Friday's hearing...his spokesman Greg Campbell said Monday. An invitation to testify was sent to her address in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 3." For more detail on this and a little on Lynn Chadwick, read this.
Rating: Apparently accurate NEWS10128.dtl

8/17/99 - The San Francisco Chronicle - Charles Burress There are at least two items of interest in this story. First, Pacifica has asked the Alameda district attorney's office to drop the charges against the 100 plus demonstrators who were arrested protesting Pacifica's actions. Second, "Mary Frances Berry, chairwoman of the Pacifica board, said Pacifica is refusing requests to appear at a special hearing Friday by the state's Joint Legislative Audit Committee on the continuing dispute between KPFA and Pacifica."
Scott Wildman, who chairs the audit committee says his office was "given every indication" that Pacifica would testify. Larry Bensky notes "`These people recognize nobody's authority but their own." Berry attempts to justify her decision.
This article contains a lot of interesting detail on the ever deepening mystery of Pacifica's intentions. It appears to me that Pacifica is still paying for legal advice but certainly isn't paying for Public Relations advice.
Rating: Accurate and a must read. /MN2875.DTL

8/15/99 - The N.Y. Times - forwarded e-mail from Charles Shere
This letter from Charles Shere presents the history and present situation of KPFA from an interesting point of view. Mr. Shere served as the music director at KPFA in the 1960's. This would place his age at somewhere in his 60's I would guess. This would help to explain his nostalgic feelings about the good old days when KPFA was "courteously managed". He regrets the era when "KPFA was .... transformed into a number of special-interest groups", "dedicated to generalized specialties concerning sexuality, race or ethnicity." "By then I had lost interest and so had a good many others."
This tells the tale. He further notes, "A new generation ............was attracted to the sound of KPFA's programs." and "Contentiousness is attractive to the young". He is equally unhappy with Pacifica's present management.
If Mr. Shere is missing any important details it's that the time for agressive contentiousness couldn't be more appropriate or more urgent. Being content with musical programming "so extensive, interesting and clearly organized" would make KPFA part of the problem rather than part of the cure. Assuming curing the ills of society is achievable.
Rating: An interesting historical perspective from a nostalgic individual

8/13/99 - LA Weekly - David Bacon
You must read this if you have read the Marc Cooper article ( see previous article) and vice versa.
The LA Weekly throws their readers around quite a bit. I feel like I hit the bottom of the jounalistic sewer with Cooper and now I've hit the downy clouds of heaven with David Bacon. This is quite a schizophrenic newspaper.
All the things that Cooper ignores are addressed and noted by Bacon. A clear and accurate history of the crisis is presented and analyzed. Bacon addresses the so called diversity issue very well. He notes the true diversity of KPFA and the value to the community it represents. He makes clear Pacifica's reliance on KPFA for economic security, "Hip-hop programmer Davey D warns that 'If KPFA falls, all the other stations around the country will fall with it.'"
Rating: Accurate and refreshing, especially after Cooper.

8/13/99 - LA Weekly - Marc Cooper
You better be relaxed when you begin to read this article. Marc Cooper apparently can understand what is happening at Pacifica much better than any of us. While he aknowledges that Pacifica is "full of shit", he also elevates the Board to a level seemingly incapable of bad thoughts.
Cooper fills a lot of space justifying his status as a "lefty". He is another of these historic progressives who have lost their way. Comfortable with his position at the Nation and with his Radio Nation show, he isn't willing to question his own interpretation of this crisis. He has been strongly behind the Pacifica "vision" and the "gag rule" from the start. He does devote some space to criticizing the "dysfunctional" Pacifica organization. He cannot differentiate between the Pacifica Executive Board and the individual stations. It's all one big dysfunctional family to him.
He has some extremely disrespectful things to say about Dr. Helen Caldicott and Dennis Bernstein. Again, the mysterious audience size, cumulative listener- ship, and fundraising amounts are alluded to but no hard documentation ever seems to be available. KPFA's most successful fund raising ever is completely ignored. Those of us who have worked so hard to save KPFA and Pacifica are, as usual, accused of trying to bring the Pacifica network down.
It's comforting to know that Marc Cooper is there to see everything so clearly and keep all us dysfunctional muddleheaded loonies informed. Fortunately for him there are a few rather eccentric folks on the KPFA side who provide perfect examples for people like Marc Cooper to define us all by. Perhaps a note to him would be appropriate?
Letters can be sent to:
LA Weekly
P.O. Box 4315
Los Angeles, CA 90078

Rating: As narrowminded a view as you'll find

8/12/99 - The Los Angeles Times - Kevin Baxter
Mr. Baxter begins this story trying to relate the events at KPFA to the future of KPFK in L.A. He notes that without KPFA,and the money generated here, KPFK would probably go under. He states that KPFK is "blossoming" under Pacifica's vision yet KPFA is "struggling". Gil Contreras, a former KPFK news reporter and talk-show host, said in a statement posted on the Internet. "What's happening here is appalling, the cronyism is incredible. I think the only thing that will make a difference is to hit KPFK in the pocketbook. . . ."
Mr. Baxter gives a little different twist on the early history of KPFA. He tries to trace the revolt all the way back to the 40's. Read this article to see. An interesting history of "former actor" Mark Schubb who is now the KPFK station manager.
This article centers primarily on KPFK which is understandable since it is published in the LA Times. Perhaps the most telling quote from Schubb -"There's kind of some conventional accepted [wisdom] among some listeners that KPFK is supposed to be this politically pure little left-wing spot on the dial. But I don't think most listeners want that. And to the extent that we're trying to change our air . . . we're trying to mix it up and bring in more voices." To respond:
Rating: Semi-accurate from a LA point of view. See for yourself

8/9/99 - Capitol Alert - Dan Schnur
This article was written from such an amazingly narrow point of view it almost defies comprehension. This is a good example of such total immersion in the world of modern politics that any understanding of true issues involved becomes impossible. Apparently Dan Schnur was a major speech writer for our ex-governor Pete Wilson. Mr. Schnur's entire focus is to question the motivation behind the upcoming legislative hearing on Pacifica's actions. He reduces the KPFA/Pacifica struggle to a question of "The owners of a business attempted to change its product in order to increase its consumer base." This article is so full of adolescent name calling (no offence to adolescents) and venom I can hardly respond. I suppose we can take some comfort that this highranking conservative journalist would take the time to attack our station and us "lunatic progressives". If you want to try to convince Mr. Schnur that the world is round, write him at:
Rating: Super sucks

8/11/99 - San Francisco Examiner - Julie Chao
This is an announcement of the resignation of Jewell Taylor Gibbs from the Pacifica Executive committee. A pretty well balanced account of the meaning of this event. Opinions range from Sherry Gendelman's "I think she's another victim of this struggle" to Mark Mericle's " "I think anyone on that board who is not taking a public stand against the sale of KPFA should resign from the board."
Rating: Accurate and fair kpfa.dtl

8/11/99 - San Francisco Chronicle - Charles Burress
Another announcement of the resignation of Taylor Gibbs. Also a straightforward presentation of the effect that this Pacifica initiated trauma has had on otherwise good people. Gibbs letter said she "worked tirelessly behind the scenes" to resolve the dispute and promote better understanding of KPFA's perspective, and it lamented persistent "mutual mistrust, misrepresentations and distortions of facts, and (the fact that) people of good will on both sides of the controversy have been demonized."
Rating: Accurate and sad /MN23248.DTL

8/9/99 - The Nation - Editorial - 8/23/99 issue
What a sad editorial this is. I don't think the fact that The Nation's editors are physically so far away from Berkeley is any excuse for this editorial. The fact that the Pacifica Board allowed the staff back into the station under the extreme pressure of almost universal condemnation doesn't mean everything is O.K. This editorial smells of Marc Cooper.
The Nation seems to think it's time to forget the past and get to the business of growing the audience. "Whether the resignations of Berry and executive director Lynn Chadwick are essential to this process is doubtful. A more useful course would be for the present board to make a formal commitment that it will sell no radio stations without consulting the listeners and staff."
As with In These Times, The Nation is trying to maintain a neutrality that is difficult to understand and is revealing of the position that can be predicted as we engage in ever more challenging battles in the future. The myth of the liberal media or the existence of "liberals" at all must be discarded and a simple judgement of right and wrong must be risked.
I'm sure many of you out there would like to make a more elequent statement then mine directly to the editors of The Nation. You may do so here:
Rating: Inaccurate in its blind neutrality scroll down and select "Pacifica Static"

8/6/99 - The Contra Costa Times - Joe Garofoli
This is an opinion piece by a CCT columnist. All is all it has an arrogant "insider" sort of attitude. The dominant theme is a sarcastic disrespect for the actual value of community radio. To this guy, KPFA is a bunch of "friends" who we need to "bear with". He presents the "gloating" staff, or "comrades", as using the airwaves for the last few days as "Therapy Radio". "A little airtime on the couch, as listeners, programmers and supporters tell us how the three-week lockout made them feel."
Actually, I don't want to get any deeper into this. I strongly recommend that you read this column and tell Mr. Garofoli how you feel about freedom of speech and community radio. I believe he can be straightened out at: Rating: Sucks

8/6/99 - USA Today -
Even though this article is only two days old USA Today wants one dollar to get any access to it. I understand the article dealt with some history and the latest events at KPFA. Since I don't have the article itself I can't rate it. I am including this only as a record of coverage of the situation.

8/9/99 - The Guardian (London) - The Guardian Media Pages
This is a detailed and lengthly article that encompasses history and current events. I recommend reading this for its insight into the British take on our situation. Included in the story are many quotes from Claire Cummings, Matthew Lasar, Larry Bensky, Marc Cooper, Lynn Chadwick etc. Although there are a few inaccuracies such as, regarding the firing of Nicole Sawaya: "Staff were told that she 'was not fit'" and " three shots were fired into the Pacifica office, by a mystery gunman", all in all I think this is a positive KPFA piece.
Rating: Accurate and interesting,3605,72345,00.html

8/22/99 - In These Times - A. Clay Thompson
Finally, an article in one of the most reputable progressive news sheets from the midwest. This article is written by a writer who has written many excellent articles on KPFA for the Bay Guardian. An excellent summary of events without a lot of detail. Mentions that "The network, which operates on a $9 million annual budget, owns KPFA and four other outlets--Houston's KPFT, Los Angeles' KPFK, Washington's WPFW and New York's WBAI--and beams programming to 67 affiliate stations." This gives some scope to Pacifica's potential audience.
Rating: A little too neutral for my taste but fair and even handed

8/6/99 - Oakland Tribune - William Brand
This article reports on an on-the-record discussion between Lynn Chadwick and the Tribune's editorial board. Very interesting insight into Chadwick's mind and her undying attempt to spin this in her favor. She says that "she daily receives threats on her life" and "The hate thing that has come out is pretty terrifying." This is her spin on the sale of the station: ""Chadwick also said emphatically that not a single one of the five Pacifica-owned stations -- in Berkeley, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington and New York City -- has been for sale. "One board member in Houston (Michael Palmer) -- he's a businessman -- and he said, 'You know, we need more money. I know how to get a bunch of money, sell a station,'" Chadwick said. "He's one of 14 board members. The rest of the board said, 'No way.'" However, two other board members have said the decision to sell KPFA was actively discussed and Palmer had other supporters.""
Rating: Apparently Accurate and Disturbing
(search archives for kpfa)

8/7/99 - San Francisco Chronicle - Charles Burress
Apparently yesterday was Lynn Chadwick's day to contact the newspapers and try to back out of the embarrassing station sale questions. This time it's and interview with the Chronicle editorial board. A lot of spin on what a goodwill gesture Pacifica is making. The lie that Chadwick and Berry are continuing to hold on to is "`There is one member of the board of directors who has frequently, publicly, said that he thinks we should sell the frequency,'' Chadwick said. ``There are 13 other members of the board of directors who've said `no way.'" Bramson put them all to shame with his honest blowing of the whistle.
Rating: Accurate and very revealing - a must read /MN3266.DTL

8/6/99 - San Jose Mercury News - Staff Report
This story speaks of KPFA's first day back on the air. I didn't like the reference to "anti-Pacifica rhetoric". Still making reference to Pacifica's attempt to "diversify" programming. This myth needs to be addressed once and for all. Calls this the "media story of the summer". Quote from Barbara Lubin and statement from Lynn Chadwick.
Rating: With the above exceptions, fair

8/6/99 - San Jose Mercury News - Dana Hull
Redundant article with the exceptions of good quotes from Barbara Lubin, Lynn Chadwick, Pete Bramson and Pratap Chatterjee. This is interesting: "Pacifica also has said it plans to move its national offices from Berkeley to Washington, D.C., a move likely to defuse much of the tension. But although Chadwick says she still is Pacifica's executive director, many expect she will resign rather than move to the nation's capital."
Rating: Accurate and Interesting

8/6/99 - San Francisco Chronicle - Charles Burress
This is a must read for those who want to get more of the "big picture". Apparently Mr. Burress gets his calls returned by Mary Berry. Good detail on the current position of both sides. Most interesting is Berry's post "uncle" spin. Statements from J. Imani, Philip Maldari etc. In my opinion Mr. Burress has written the very best articles on this situation.
Rating: Accurate given the spin from Pacifica

8/5/99 - The Contra Costa Times - David Ferris
This story gives the news of KPFA going back on the air. The details are a big improvement over the last CC Times article of 8/1/99. Items of interest are: "State senators and assembly members will investigate whether Pacifica has violated its public-service charter, for which it receives tax breaks as a nonprofit corporation."
"If you're getting tax-free dollars, you need to give back to the community," said Hans Hemann, legislative director for Assemblywoman Dion Aroner D-Berkeley."
"The committee could order the state Attorney General or the Bureau of State Audits to investigate."
Rating: Accurate

8/1/99 - The Contra Costa Times - Curtis L. Esquibel
This story contains several glaring errors. First, the crowd size is estimated at 2000. Next, Mr. Esquibel writes, "Organizers said the rally's purpose was to display the community's opposition against Pacifica, which wants to diversify programming and attract more donors". "While police estimated the march at about 1,700 people, organizers say there were closer to 3,000."
Go to:, select "Contact us" and "letters to the editor".
Rating: Sucks

8/4/99 - San Francisco Chronicle - Breaking News
A short story about the State legislature announcement that they will hold a hearing regarding the KPFA/Pacifica situation on August 20th in Oakland.
Rating: Brief and informative and reason for celebration e2111EDT0109.DTL

8/5/99 - San Francisco Chronicle - Charles Burress
Another excellent story from Charles Burress. This is one of the reporters that we should all thank for his positive and accurate coverage of this sad affair. This story details the State legislature's decision to hold hearings on Pacifica's conduct. Also details where and when the hearings will be held. The hearing will look at "how the (Pacifica) Foundation is or is not meeting its mission". Details who called for the hearing etc.
Rating: Excellent and accurate /MN66872.DTL

8/5/99 - San Jose Mercury News - Local and State
A very brief mention of the Legislative hearing on the 20th of August. Scroll down to the fifth article.
Rating: Accurate

7/30/99 - The Fresno Bee - Pablo Lopez
This story is a few days old but worth reading for the insight into the KFCF/Fresno take on the new situation.
Rating: Accurate,1724,94052,00.html

8/3/99 - The San Francisco Examiner - e-picks (entertainment tip sheet) Oliver Wang
Scroll down to the 6th "pick" and read about the upcoming Aug. 5th benefit for KPFA featuring Davey D.
Rating: Positive

8/3/99 - The San Francisco Examiner - Robert Selna
This is a well written story that is very fair to KPFA. Discussed is: the latest transmitter situation (there is a newer press release from savepacifica via e-mail alert). Several statements from Lynn Chadwick re: the transmitter, mediation etc. Statements from Jim Bennett and Dennis Bernstein. Well worth reading.
Rating: Excellent

8/3/99 - The Oakland Tribune - William Brand
This is a fair story despite the reference to a "corps of homeless youth who established a tent city dubbed 'camp Pacifica' on the sidewalk in front of the station." This is inaccurate in several ways. Otherwise there are good statements from Dennis Bernstein, Aileen Alfandary and Jim Bennett. Some statements from Lynn Chadwick as well.
Rating: Medium well done
(to get there go to this url and select past headlines then scroll down)

8/3/99 - The San Jose Mercury News - Renee Koury
This story contains Lynn Chadwick's explanation for the condition of the KPFA building. Notes that Chadwick was "pleased that all 33 workers checked in Monday." Seems worth reading for the latest news.
Rating: Accurate

8/3/99 - The San Francisco Chronicle - Charles Burress
This is a story full of the latest information. Details on yesterday's staff attempt to enter KPFA. A confrontation between station supporters and Lynn Chadwick-Gene Edwards (Pacifica consultant) at their lunch near KPFA. Well worth reading.
Rating: Excellent /MN2309.DTL

8/3/99 - The San Francisco Chronicle - Letters to Datebook
Unfortunately I have not read the article regarding Pacifica and Matthew Lasar's new book on the history of Pacifica. Go to the page below and read what Mitch Ritter of Concord has to say about the article.
Rating: One person's opinion /DD105935.DTL

8/3/99 - The San Francisco Chronicle - Letters to the Editor
This is a nice letter from Steve Harris of Nevada County. He expresses his thankfulness for KPFA and the posibility that it will be back on the air soon.
Rating: Another person's opinion /ED69166.DTL

8/2/99 - The Christian Science Monitor - Christopher D. Cook
This is an excellent story and the bonus is the photographs. Even though someone beat me to it, I am listing it here anyway. There are also links to previous stories that appeared in the Monitor.
Rating: Great!

8/2/99 - San Jose Mercury News - Letters to the Editor
Go to this page and scroll down to the fifth letter. An unusual display of pro-active indifference. This is the kind of thing that makes me think of the long arm of the public relations industry. Why would someone bother to write this? Does this need an answer?
Rating: sucks

8/1/99 - The San Francisco Examiner - Venise Wagner of the Examiner Staff
This is a terrific story. Accurate crowd size estimate and presents the joy of the affair very well. Possibly the most positive reportage I have seen. Bravo! Don't miss it. I never hurts to praise the papers when they do a good job. "Nothing has brought people together as much as this has."
Rating: Terrific METRO13322.dt

8/1/99 - The Oakland Tribune - Dennis Bernstein
A story by Dennis himself. Need I say more? Just type Pacifica in the search box at the top of the page. When the list comes up, just scroll away.
Rating: I am humbled

7/31/99 - San Jose Mercury News - Lisa Fernandez
Even though this story is a couple of days old, it seems relevant in that it makes statements about the staff and when the station might be back on the air. Amusing one sentence "KPFA staffers also plan to hold a rally today". Mentions Mary Berry's expected audience size increase.
Rating: More or less accurate. Too gentle on Pacifica

8/1/99 - Ventura County Star - AP Wire Once again the same inaccurate AP story. This was published in the Press Democrat verbatum. For some reason the Ventura County Star has published several stories about the Pacifica/KPFA situation. Rating: Inaccurate - Contact with the AP to correct the story would be nice.

8/1/99 - KRON TV - Real Audio Video of 7/30/99 (?) broadcast
This is about as even handed a broadcast as I've seen yet on NBC. Good statements by Bensky and Bernstein. Roughly 2 min. 40 sec. Select the video offering on the site.
Rating: Tolerable

8/1/99 - Oakland Tribune - Martin G. Reynolds
This is a fair story about the march yesterday. Crowd estimate seems about right. Emphasises the march was "peaceful" with "no arrests". Several interviews with marchers. Strangely, there is no mention of Willie Brown, Peter Coyote etc. etc.
Rating: Accurate but scant on detail

8/1/99 - Los Angeles Times - AP newswire feed
This is a fair article for the LA Times. The AP wire is sending out extremely underestimated crowd size reports. Again no mention of the "celebrity" speakers. This is the same article that appears in the Press Democrat word for word.
Rating: Inaccurate. All news sources that continue to vastly underestimate the size of support for KPFA need to be corrected.

7/31/99 - KPIX TV News at 6:00 -
This was a terrible story. Very short coverage. Estimated the crowd size at 1000. No mention of Willy Brown, Berkeley Mayor and vice mayor and ex-mayor.
No mention of Peter Coyote, Lawrence Ferlingetti, Dolores Huerta. Extremely poor video of signs, crowd etc. All in all it SUCKED!
Rating: Inaccurate suggest letters of disgust to:

7/30/99 - San Francisco Chronicle - Editorial - Final Edition
This editorial announces the offer from Mary Frances Berry to reopen KPFA studios. She claims the Foundation is distressed by all the "name calling". Editorial inaccurately says "it looks like the staff is getting about everything it demands". Recomends Pacifica "should quash talk of selling the station". Whatever that means.
Rating: Inaccurate - Staffs requests need to be noticed /ED24399.DTL

7/30/99 - San Francisco Chronicle - Charles Burress
Good story about Mary Berry's offer being offered in an inappropriate way. Staff remarks regarding no offer in writing until too late to consider it last night. Deals with the missing details re: funding, station sale etc.
Rating: Accurate /MN66691.DTL

7/30/99 - New York Times - Reuters release - Sect. A, Pg. 13
Brief and simple description of latest events without all the questions.
Rating: Accurate No link available

7/29/99 - San Francisco Chronicle - Dan Fost - Business Section
This is an interesting story in the Business section of the Chronicle. Mostly centers on the use of the internet by KPFA to stay in touch and mobilize it's supporters. Reference to several websites. Reference to Pacifica's website and apparent control by Fineman of the KPFA issues.
Rating: Accurate /BU107511.DTL

7/29/99 - LA Times - Jessie Seyfer - AP newswire story
This is a straight newswire story. Expresses the scepticism of the staff and sidewalk crowd.
Rating: Accurate

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