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Sonoma County Free Press on KPFA's history

The Free Speech Movement Archieve Site Outstanding Links!

Sonoma County's fine site,'s and Joshua Rain take a look at the KPFA struggle.

Thanks, John Parulis, Bright Path Video's text and photo's
...and MPEG Video clips of the protests">Dennis Bernstein's Flashpoints...

KFCF Free Radio of the Central Valley Two good sites for KPFA info & Independent Radio Links: Committee to Remove the Pacifica BoardPacifica Listeners' Association

The website of The Security Forces hired by the Pacifica Board to "Protect KPFA"

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Most recent New College Teach-in Poster to Download

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Articles, Letters & Information:

A fine Response to the Pacifica Board "Diversity" arguement (sham)

Letter To M.F. Bery from "Friendly Palo Alto" 7/28/99

Head here to sign the petition, pass the URL to others

Hightower's Common Sense (about KPFA) Commentary

7/24 Fascinating Conversations with Pacifica Board Members...

Letter from (KFCF) Fresno Free College Foundation Pres. to Chadwick about breach of Contract

2 S.F.Chron articles about The Berkeley Council and area Union Demands

Washing Post 7/26 "Station of The Cross

Sample letter to Class ActionAttorneys Print, read, sign and send

$ Working Assets cuts Pacifica from Donations!$$!

Steve Freedkin's letters to the PR Head & Great reference links list!

Great 7/17 Review & Analysis from

Strategy thoughts from Rafael Renteria

Local letter addresses... WRITE!

Michael Costello's Letter to Wes Chesbro... Write one yourself

The Costello's lttrs to Attny Gen. Lockyer, Fineman (P.R. head) and The Pcifica Lawsuit Plaintifs

Camp KPFA Torn Down by Police!

FAIR Calls for Pacifica Board's Resignation

A Report On Wednesday's (7/21) March And Rally

7/23 New York Times Article

7/23 Alexander Cockburn Article

2 Letters from John Vance & from L.A./ John Sommers

KPFA Steering Committee announces selection of mediator

Request for help & suggestions from The KPFA Staff...

A brief History of the turmoil

KPFA Events

KPFA Broadcasts!!!

7/20... Pacifica Intent on Remote Broadcasting...

News From Houston, Los Angeles and New York...

The Los Angeles Pacfolio Group

Site dedicated to Protests at Fineman's (P.R. Head) S.F. Office

The Pacifica Articles of Incorporation

The 15 Demands...

The Committee of 11...

Read CounterPunch's review and text of the "Secret" E-mail discussing the potential sale of KPFA and WBAI...

Read the Legal complaint recently filed:

National Writers Union Condemns Anti-Worker actions, Censorship at Pacifica

Helpful addresses & Letter writing suggestions...

KPFA Protester's Jailing story and more...

The S.F. Bay Guardian takes on KPFA's Fight

The Press-Democrat covers The Sebastopol KPFA Rally

Read the 7/20 Press-Demo Interview with Nicole Sawaya...

Council notes from 9/5

Council Minutes from 8/8

Council Minutes from 8/1

JULY 25 Council Meeting... What the North Bay Co-ordinators are up to!

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