Fri. Oct. 22, 1999

Four elements needed to build an effective movement:
(1) shared vision, (2) clear goals, (3) good relationships, (4) free-flowing communication.

1. Upcoming events
2. Request from Carol for help
3. Affinity Group ongoing meetings
4. Folio proposal from North Bay for KPFA
5. Report from Santa Rosa AG
6. "Notice is hereby given" of the Board Meeting

1. Upcoming Events:
.This note from Tracy of The Media Alliance:
Media Alliance
Calendar of Events Bay Area Week+ of Action to Save Free Speech Radio:
Bay Area Actions To Save Free Speech Radio Protest Against Pacifica Management & Board

Defend free speech and civil rights. No sale of any Pacifica station. Pacifica leadership must resign. Democratize Pacifica

Oct. 24th - KPFA Day Around The Bay
Tune into KPFA (94.1FM) for a day's worth of special programming highlighting the legacy of the oldest community radio station in the US and the current struggle for it's survival.

25th-Writers for Free Speech Radio
Readings by Tillie Olsen, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Piri Thomas, Diane Di Prima, Cherie Moraga, Michael Parenti and others. Cowell Theatre Fort Mason Center SF 7pm.

27th - Express Yourself Fax Blast!
and video screening. Come to Global Exchange at 2017 Mission in SF or Project Underground 1847 Berkeley Way and use provided computers, faxes and pizza to keep the pressure on and let the National Board know that all is not forgiven and the Bay Area community cares about the future of the Pacifica network 6pm - 9pm.
David Acosta (713) 921-2780
Michael Palmer (713) 960-8583

28th - Justice for Khalil
101 arrests, 100 charges dropped. Khalil Jacobs-Fantauzzi is scheduled to go to trial at 9 am at 2000 Center Street Dept 203.
Please come at 8:30 am and show your support!

October 29th See off the Caravan to Houston
Gather at San Francisco International Airport to send off station representatives, KPFA listeners and community activists who are going to the National Board Meeting in Houston to demand accountability and democracy at Pacifica now.

KPFA/Pacifica Teach-in -
155 Dwinelle Hall - UC Berkeley. Exact time to come.
Call 510 287 9406 for details or to help.

Trick or Treat? Sale or democratization?
Gather at the KPFA at 12 noon sharp (1929 Martin Luther King Jr Way) for a complete update from the Houston meeting. Live Web feed from Houston, food, speakers,(Larry Bensky, Linda Burnham, Keith Carson, Khalil Jacobs-Fantauzzi) music and all the latest news. Save Pacifica.

Labor Speakout & Music
Labor, Pacifica And The Media

Thursday November 4, 1999 7:30 PM
Unitarian Church-Martin Luther King Room
Franklin & Geary St. San Francisco

Bay area labor has been united in the defense of the workers and community supporters of KPFA. It is critical for labor to have an alternative media voice that is heard throughout Northern California and is not censored by the media robber barons. This SpeakOut will focus on why labor is taking a clear stand against the privatization of KPFA and Pacifica and what this struggle means to trade unionists & all working people. We will also discuss how we can step up the campaign within labor to remove those who are seeking to destroy Pacifica and KPFA.

Larry Bensky, Fired AFTRA Pacfica Programmer
William Harvey, Secretary Treasurer, CWA 9415
David Bacon, Labor Programmer & Journalist KPFA
Steve Zeltzer, Producer, Labor Video Project & Union
Producers & Programmers Network (UPPNET)
Jack Ford, Past President IBT 921
Singer Carol Denney who has written a song about the KPFA-Pacifica Battle will also perform.
Donation Sliding Scale $3-$5
Sponsored By The Labor Video Project and others
For Information Call:
(415)282-1908 Or Email

2. Affinity Group Ongoing Meetings:
All are invited. Even if you have not been an active part a group thus far, please don't hesitate to show up and participate now. All of our efforts are still vital for supporting KPFA and facilitating the reformation of Pacifica.

OUTREACH Affinity Group meets on Wednesdays in Santa Rosa.
For directions, call Susan at 874-1383
Contact persons for Outreach are:
Sara Sunstein - 824-4338
Jane McGrew - or 527-8725

THE GRATON, FORESTVILLE, GRATON group has decided to use its Wednesday night meeting at Cold Mountain Book Store in Graton at 7:30 pm to continue the discussion from Sunday. Sep. 29, 1999. Call Kathy for information: 829-1682.

THE SEBASTOPOL GROUP is not currently meeting regularly. Please call Alice at 829-1949 for updates.

THE MEDIA meets every Tues. pm at 7:00 at The Masterbuilder building in Sebastopol.

THE SANTA ROSA GROUP meets Friday pm at 7:00 at Higher Grounds Coffee House on Mendocino Ave.

THE FUNDRAISING GROUP meets Tuesdays 6:30 pm, New College, 99 Sixth Street at Wilson. Contact Attila at

MARIN AG Email discussion site:
Ross, list administrator: 415-893-9681

Monday pms in Berkeley.

The monthly Local Advisory Board meetings, held the second Wednesday of each month at North Berkeley Senior Center, 2 blocks north of KPFA, upstairs in Rooms a/b (the usual site). This meeting will take place from 7-9 PM. At the September 8th meeting it was moved seconded and passed unanimously that the LAB would work to democratize itself within six months with special attention toward traditionally unempowered groups.

The community is invited to send ideas for democratization to: KPFA, 1929 MLK Jr. Way, Box #68, Berkeley, CA 94704 or email Lauren Ayers at: Sundays: The Spokes Council Group will meet this week at 7pm at The Peace and Justice Center. THIS SUNDAY at 7:30 we'll be working on deepening our understanding and use of the consensus decision-making process, with the help of Daniel Solnit of The Green Party. See item#5 of this newsletter for a document on Consensus forwarded from Daniel.

3. Request from Carol for help
Dear Spokes -- Could you ask around your groups & see if you can stir up > some helpers for some tedious hand work for me? I need people to help me scotch tape all the off-size Declarations I received onto 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper -- so we can present them as an exhibit to the court. Yikes! This is grunge work. Any takers? Please have anyone interested give me a call at 526-2867.
Thanks, Carol

4. Folio proposal from North Bay for KPFA -
A proposal still in process. The Media Group of NorthBay for KPFA will be working on restarting the Folio, with input and assistance from other members of NB4KPFA, and possibly with help from other Affinity Groups.


Republishing the Folio is essential to reforming the Pacifica Network. The Folio will serve as a communication tool between the individual Pacifica Stations through monthly reports on LAB meetings, local management decisions, progress toward enfranchising sponsors etc. The Folio will serve as a communication tool between listeners and stations and listeners and listeners that is not reliant on Internet accessibility.

This is a proposal to create a membership of enfranchised listener/sponsors who will act in support of their individual stations and their station's staff and who will support the independent governance of these stations. The purpose of this proposal is to rebuild a strong, healthy and open National Pacifica Network.

Rename the current pledge drive - "Membership Drive". This was traditional until just a few years ago. Why did Pacifica cut the Folio down in size and eventually eliminate it completely? In the past, a membership to a Pacifica station included a subscription to the Folio. The standard membership donation was $40.00 until the "membership" concept mysteriously disappeared. Station staff members, both paid and unpaid, should become members of their stations. In cases where listeners cannot afford to become members of their station, the Folio should be available by written request from the stations.

The first issue should be published by November 1st or as soon thereafter as possible. This issue should contain a step by step procedure for creating democratic elections for new Local Area Boards at each station and a return of the traditional program guide.

Effort should begin immediately to create an acceptable form of representation. Advocates of proportional representation should be contacted and their expertise tapped. Any staff, sponsor or listener group etc. can propose a candidate for local station LABs.

By December 1st the second edition of the Folio should be published with a listing of candidates. This model is used by The Sierra Club, The Consumer's Union, automobile clubs etc. Candidates will be required to make a statement of purpose and reveal other affiliations. Any dishonesty will be grounds for dismissal. At this point an electronic edition of the Folio should reduce publication costs.

During this time period every effort should be made to contact and encourage suitable individuals to serve on an interim Pacifica National Board.

A third edition of the Folio should be published by January 1, 2000. This issue will contain a ballot and additional information on voting for local "shadow" LABs. (There are several ideas for phasing in newly elected LAB members.)

By February 1st, the newly elected "shadow" LABs, with input from subscriber/staff groups, will elect/appoint a new Interim Pacifica National Board selected from those individuals contacted during the proceeding months. Any current members of the LABs or the National Board can stand for reelection or reappointment.

By this time the California Legislative Audit Committee findings, the several legal cases that are planned or already underway, continuing letter writing campaigns and general public embarrassment should have prepared the existing Pacifica National Board to surrender their positions to the newly created Interim Board.

When this has been accomplished, the reformation of the entire Pacifica Network can begin in earnest.

5. Report from Santa Rosa AG
Santa Rosa Affinity Group is meeting every Friday Evening at 7:00 p.m. at The Higher Grounds Cybercafe on Mendocino Ave one block north of SRJC.

On 10/15/99 we met and discussed the efforts to put together an alternate fund for KPFA. Gregory had a meeting on Thurs night (7:30 to midnight) 10/7 in Berkeley (with people from CdP, FFSR, MA, and station staff) to plan the fund and Kathy and Bill Reuve met with same on Sunday 10/17 to finalize the plans. Talks continue and there is some confusion about who is going to be on the board to oversee the fund but its creation continues.

We reported on the Sunday 10/10 meeting with Robbie Osman and Kris Welch receiving feed back on the "Steering Committee's" proposed list of 12 demands.

We put labels and stamps on envelopes for the Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board's fund raising letter.

We discussed the Folio Proposal and felt that it was a good idea. Everyone wants to bring back the folio idea. The group talked about the station schedule as the backbone of the folio. The proposal has two parts, bring back the folio and hold mock elections for LABs and eventually the National Board to show people that it can be done. Our group felt that the proposal should have a preamble type statement that would be supportive of staff. Something like: "This proposal is to facilitate the strength of listeners in becoming a powerful membership to support KPFA and the staff and to govern the station as an autonomous member of the Pacifica family of stations."

We talked about looking for alternative ways to approach elections during this opportunity created by the current crisis so as to get better representative make-up on boards.

Gregory Wonderwheel

6. Forwarded, taken from the Pacifica Web Site:
"Notice is hereby given of a meeting of the Governing Board of Directors of the Pacifica Foundation in Houston, TX. The meeting will take place on Sunday, October 31, 1999 from 9:30AM-12NOON, at the Double Tree Hotel, 2001 Post Oak Blvd, for the purpose of transacting matters related to the agenda and any other matters which may come before the Directors of the Corporation."

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