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Saturday's rally is definitely on.
Aug 22 Petaluma Progressive Festival
Aug 28 Diversity Picnic at Sonoma State Quad (w/Jesse Jackson, Jr., Lynne Woolsey)


Sebastopol AG wants to send people, will carpool with Alice as a contact (will be posted on e- mail bulletin)
Postcards to targeted legislators to 1)thank Scott Wildman (sp) for having hearing and 2) request subpoena of Pacifica financial records since Pacifica has been saying one thing while doing the opposite, has stated that the books are open but nobody has seen them; costs they have incurred (e.g. armed guards) may be in violation of their charter. The state issued a charter to Pacifica who stated specific purposes for soliciting funds. Are they using the funds appropriately?


SEBASTOPOL feels listener elections are important; they have taken charge of tabling in Sebastopol and will send out by e-mail info on the contact people

OUTREACH only had 3 at their meeting and have divided as much work as possible. They are creating 4 area boxed for tabling. Business cards are still happening; it is suggested the P&J Ctr address be added to the business card

MEDIA has decided not to split into small groups but now focus on 1 task per week. This week they are sending media letters commenting on both good and bad jobs (Channel 4 got an earfull). Kevin's film footage (58 minutes) will be shown on Petaluma Community Access TV Friday at 8:30, Sunday at 7:30. A petition with the CDP statement will go to all groups listed on the flyer for the Petaluma Progressive Festival.

WEBSITE had only 3 at their meeting. Kurt does the website and is asking for constructive criticism. It is commented that they have been very open and responsive to suggestions. They are working on a Forum that has open discussion that goes in both directions. Are there any people with technical expertise who could coordinate with them? Cross references (links) with Pacifica and others need to be developed where they are not already linked. It is commented that putting NORTHBAY FOR KPFA on the opening window of the website would be helpful. Thanks for getting things posted to quickly on the website. Webrings may be an effective way of connecting sites together. E-mail for communication.

GRATON, FORESTVILLE, GUERNEVILLE Can we have suggestions for other people to contact from other listening areas? We suggest that an additional box be added to the pledge of resistance so that signers can be advised of potential threats to consider activating their pledge (leaves decision to the individual). We discussed rotating attendance to Council but decided that 2 regular members would continue with an open invitation to other group members. We agreed to continue writing letters and e-mails to Congress and to actively listen to KPFA for information. Can we get in touch with other makers of t-shirts and bumper stickers to coordinate with them? It is suggested that we call Suzanne or Joel at P&J Ctr. Rhonda is also a local person who has had some t-shirts.

LABOR/RADICAL IONS Get back to Pam with any proposed changes to Pledge of Resistance by next Sunday so the form can be redone. Get the pledge forms out with any outreach done. There is the question where do we take our lead for action from still to be determined. Pam has received an e-mail from a small Oregon town stating support--indicates there is a great deal of support everywhere.

LISTENER ELECTIONS will hold a meeting this Wednesday at 7pm at 1136 Wildrose Dr. (across street from G&G on West College). The issue of democratization is heating up now and needs to be discussed in the various station areas. Northbay needs to make a contribution so PLEASE come to the meeting.

SOUTH COUNTY There are 6-8 angry people in this group who loved the pledge of resistance. They will be getting in contact with Paul Robbins (e-mail or 829-7590). Anyone who hears scheduling of non-violence training please make available on e-mail asap.

FUNDRAISING The Teach-In raised $3115 with expenses of around $500. Saturday's fundraiser may have raised around $2000; about 240 tickets were sold out. Future proposals: a literary event with Susan Stone, Jennifer Stone, a DeadHead dance dejayed by David Gantz is being planned by a Sebastopol group at the Seb Community Ctr, Mickey Hart may be contacted for a fundraiser. Activities at other locations (than New College) will cost more to put on.

P&J COORDINATION Suzanne at P&J Ctr feels she is out of the information loop. She needs to know about events if the center is to serve as a contact. She is now on the e-mail list. Her e-mail is (Att: Suzanne). It is suggested that P&JCtr send someone to the council meetings to help coordinate. Pam will work with Steve to coordinate w/ P&JCtr and Ags.

MEDIA GROUP adds that Alan Nauman has newspots and interviews aired on KRCB weekly, Monday at 7 pm. He just had an interview with Lynne Chadwick in which he couldn't get her to say anything of substance although she did admit that they had no numbers to support their contentions on diversity.

OUTREACH There will be 4 boxes for tabling in Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, South County and Sonoma Valley that contain literature, buttons, petitions, pledge of resistance. They need a coordinator for each area and advice on the best locations for tabling. Sharon in Sebastopol has volunteered for that area. It is possible to keep the boxes in a central location (e.g. Copperfield's for Sebastopol). Regular tabling times and locations need to be coordinated. An employee of Office Depot has donated pens, clipboards, etc. Contact Jane (527-8725) to coordinate the boxes.

The Diversity Picnic will cost $10 for a table, $10 for advertisement. Atilla will coordinate.
Tables at the Progressive Festival need shifts with 2 people at a time. South County Group will help with sign-ups and will contact Sarah for coordination.
Other possible events: Seb Apple Festival, Aug 21-22, Sonoma Valley Poets, Bodega Bay Art Festival Aug 28-29, Cotati Accordian Festival, Diversity Festival, Cajun Festival. Healdsburg Guitar Festival did not want us to table. Booths may be expensive. There needs to be a coordinator for each geographic area. Michael at New College may be interested in splitting a table at events.
It is suggested that Ludites have an e-mail buddy to facilitate communcation.

PARTY INVITATION Michael at New College has offered space for a party. We decide that a party and dance band be set up for August 29 from 6:30 to 9 with invitations going out through the AG's. A larger meeting with invitations sent out to the public will be held later, perhaps with Paul as facilitator to update and refocus, including the community at large.

AG COORDINATION The Council appears to be doing a good job at coordinating with the Affinity Groups. It is important that AG reports continue to be offered at council meetings. It is suggested that minutes be made available from all AG meetings. Council minutes are posted on the website and copies are brought to the meetings.

MONEY. Contribution forms to be available for tabling are approved. Suggestions of a financial need analysis to help determine how any excess funds collected by the Northbay group should be distributed and setting up an arrest fund for our group are presented with decisions to be made later as more funds are available.

ISSUES & GOALS are addressed. There are some areas where members of our group may not be in agreement with staff recommendations. For example, continuing to give money to Pacifica may not be as effective as setting up a conditional Trust Fund which could function as a listener strike if Pacifica actions continue to violate the best interests of the listeners. Listener elections are essential even with the problem of knowing the nominees. The movement to democratize KPFA/Pacifica is a primary issue although the best methods for realizing this goal are not always clear. As large a debate as possible needs to be conducted. Our Affinity Groups should be brought into this discussion with each other and with the larger group in as many forums as possible. The battle with Pacifica is much larger than just restoring KPFA to the air and is not resolved yet.

Next Meeting at Sunday Aug 15 at New College 6pm. Kate will be facilitator, Steve will take minutes.

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