Unitarians for a Just Economic Community
Supporting KPFA's Critical voice

by Neil MacLean "A letter to the Unitarian Community"

I hope you are aware that Tomas Moran, past President of the Palo Alto Church and current Pacifica Board member, charged with mediating the tensions between the Board and the communities of Northern California, will be presenting at the upcoming District Assembly, April 29th and 30th, in the San Francisco Church. And, WE WILL HAVE A FUNDRAISER APRIL 30th, SUNDAY EVENING, WITH UTAH PHILLIPS, DAN COUGHLIN, LAURA FLANDERS AND MANY OTHERS.

[This] fundraising will be to assist us in organizing a National Alliance between the community groups in each broadcast area. Please spread the word and bring people to District Assembly.

I have been working in the San Francisco Society of Unitarian Universalists, on the Board of the UUs for a Just Economic Community, and as a planner for the upcoming District Assembly to educate UUs about the [KPFA-Pacifica] crisis and organize community response.

These efforts have had some good effect. Eight different UU churches have now sponsored teach-ins about Pacifica. (Sepulveda, Anaheim, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Berkeley, Houston, Universalist Memorial in Washington DC, All Souls Unitarian in Washington DC). Three churches hold regular meetings and support community organizing efforts. (Berkeley, San Francisco, Houston.)

As a board member of the UUs for a Just Economic Community, I have been able to get support from that national affiliate organization to educate UUs outside of Northern California about the crisis. At our recent conference in Chicago for example, UUs from New York finally got the message. We had a panel on Media and Democracy, and a two hour discussion that followed where Mel Hoover and other national figures were introduced to the depth of the struggle.

Fifty people at the San Francisco Society signed the declarations to remove the Pacifica Board. I only gathered signatures for a little over an hour. It was the easiest signature gathering I have ever done.

Shade and sweet water
Neil MacLean
Chair San Francisco Chapter, list moderator UUJECO (organizers),
National Board member UUs for a Just Economic Community
(415) 641-6299

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