Ramblin' Jack Elliott

He's spent years of travelling, tellin' stories and playing tunes for folks.
Most any map can read like an autobiography. You might catch him between breaths of Wooden Boats, Trucks (How 'bout long-nose Peterbilt's with a long-axle), Workin' Cowboys, Rodeo, honest recitations and work-earned tales. You might catch im' between breaths... But ya sorta feel lucky if ya don't...

{The new C-D, "Friends Of Mine", with Jerry Jeff Walker, Roy Rodgers and Tom Waits will be out March 17th! See below for ordering info}

Catch Ramblin' Jack in Elko, end of January, for The Cowboy Poetry Gatherin'.

Well, Jack sure was a hoot to see and hear at The Cowboy Poetry Gathering... He told about the time his Road Manager, Cesar helped drive him to a gig in Denver but he was sorta drivin' darn slow so Jack had to call in the show 'cause they were still only half past Wyoming when The Denver Show was supposed to start. But Cesar was just bein' cautious, figuring that the cops might not take too compassionate about speeding seein' it was a dog doin' the drivin'... So Cesar was a good dog and He and Jack safely arrived at a phone booth not quite there yet to call in some stories and songs... Then in Elko, Jack sang "Ol' Shep" that I'd just heard a few minutes before and I'd got word Alice, my sweet 15 yr. old Doggy at home had just been found not movin' from a stroke. So "Ol' Shep" wasn't the first song I'd wanted to hear, but she's doin' pretty good now, walkin' crooked and wearin' a silly grin sorta sideways.

Okay, so's we got the idea that Jack has a likin' to dogs and others that'll listen and respond with insight and thought. Horses too... Mules are right up there on the same high plateau. Jody Foss and Charlie Parker got a remuda of fine mules that are photographed to a fair thee well on the notes of Jack's new C-D.
There's also a darn fine photo of Jack and Townes Van Zandt... Townes telling... " if anyone tells you, six of one, half dozen of another... Don't believe'em... There is NO six of one..."
That!... Children and you young cowgirls and cowboys, are words to keep close to your heart.
The C-D is dedicated to Townes.

Jack just took off on the "Monsters of Folk" Tour. David Rea, saw them up in Seattle and says it's going just fine... Jack had been in Nashville and toured the Gibson guitar factory... Wouldn't you know that after playing Martins for so long, the Gibson place attacked Ramblin' Jack and he had trouble singin' and talkin' for a few days...

To this Ramblin Jack Elliot stuff in German...

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"Friends of Mine".... Jack's new recording coming out March 17th on HighTone Records! Produced with Roy Rodgers. Duets with Kris Kristopherson, Rosalie Sorrels, Arlo Guthrie, Jerry Jeff Walker and Tom Waits, and others...

"Monster's of Folk Tour": Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Dave Alvin, Tom Russel and Chris Smither
4/7... The Tractor... Seattle, Wa.
4/8... Aladdin Theater... Portland, Or.
4/9... The Great American Music Hall... San Francisco, Ca.
4/10... McCabe's... Santa Monica, Ca.
4/11... Mucky Duck... Houston, Tx.
4/13... tba... Austin, Tx.
4/15... Off Broadway... St. Louis, Mo.
4/16... Fitzgerald's... Berywn, Il.
4/21... Bottom Line... New York, N.Y.
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