Western Watershed Alliance Files suit against Mendocino Redwoods!
While on the preharvest inspection for the Willow Creek THP, Pasquinelli noticed that the company planned to put a landing in an actively-eroding previous cut. The geologist on the inspection team recommended against it. But MRC's response, according to Pasquinelli, was "we need to get these trees out." When Pasquinelli asked, "Why risk causing additional problems in a damaged watershed?", she was answered, "Because we need to make money."

Your support is needed to protect the Willow Creek Watershed from further abuse!

Greetings from the Western Watershed Alliance. WWA was formed to protect the Willow Creek watershed from further abusive and under-regulated timber harvesting. We have drawn a line in the sand: NO MAS!

What's the problem? Mendocino Redwood Company, owned by the Fischer Family of The Gap stores, has purchased all 235,000 acres of Louisiana Pacific forestland in California. Over 5000 acres of this purchase is in the Willow Creek Watershed. MRC has already filed two timber harvest plans in Willow Creek, totaling 422 acres.

New Logging Plan! 2/05/01

While MRC has engaged in a PR plan allowing permitted hiking and equestrian use of The WIllow Creek 5,500 acres, this new plan will futher degrade the watershed and cetainly set back any hopes for creek restoration.
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Willow Creek has already had 13 timber harvest plans since 1992. The watershed is severely eroded, the stream clogged with sediment, and habitat for Coho Salmon and Steelhead has been virtually destroyed. The loss of these resources is illegal! NO MAS!

Our line in the sand is the legal challenge brought by the Northern California Environmental Defense Center on behalf of WWA. It is based on federal protections to the above threatened species and others such as the Northern Spotted Owl. It is also based on the inadequacy of the timber harvest plans to measure their cumulative effect on the watershed. The line in the sand has been drawn because the California Department of Forestry has not upheld these protections, and because we want there to be something left of Willow Creek when it eventually comes into public ownership.

Here's the point: Lines in the sand cost money. We need your help. We realize there are scores of other causes that also need your help. Here's how I reconcile the situation. If the cause calls to you, if you are affected by it, or if it is in your back yard, you have a responsibility to it. Zen-Environmental Poet, Gary Snyder says to take a stand and fight when your back yard is threatened. Willow Creek is our back yard.

Even a token donation will help cover legal costs. Make tax-deductible checks to:
"Forest Unlimited , W.C."
Please send to:
Western Watershed Alliance
P.O. Box 190
Occidental, CA 95465

For more information or to help, please call: (707) 865-0244

With sincere thanks,
Pieter S. Myers for the Western Watershed Alliance

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